Do You Want To Study On Cricket And Sports? Know The Details

For the first time in Bangladesh, the Bangladesh Sports Education Institute (BKSP) has created opportunities for studying cricket, athletics, and shooting at the undergraduate or bachelor's level. In the upcoming academic year, more popular sports will be added to this list.

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In recent times, several public universities in the country and a private university have started offering Bachelor's and Master's degrees in "Physical Sports and Education." However, a unique four-year course on a specific sport has been introduced for the first time in the country. The course is named "Bachelor of Sports Studies." It's not just for those interested in higher education, but also a fantastic opportunity for sports enthusiasts.

The main goal of Bangladesh Krira Shikkha Protishtan (BKSP) is to produce international-level athletes. With this goal in mind, the institution has strongly emphasized sports education and training, aligning itself with modern global standards. They will be able to offer degrees up to postgraduate level according to the amended BKSP Act of 2020.

Generally, after completing HSC, students can graduate from BKSP. While students from other educational institutions move away from the core of sports, many talented athletes are lost. Especially for athletes of individual games like athletics, shooting, archery, there's a lack of proper training facilities outside. BKSP takes this initiative to ensure the development of future talents.

BKSP's Director Brigadier General Anwar Sadat Abu Mohd. Fuad said, "From the best positions in performance, students of BKSP lose their way after graduation. As a result, the country is deprived of their best performances. So, a four-year honors course has been introduced for long-term training. It's my dream that students from BKSP become highly educated in sports education. In the future, BKSP can be seen as a sports university, where alongside becoming international athletes, they'll also receive higher education."

Syllabus Contents

Like regular students, there's practical training for self-practicing sports. BKSP's curriculum for the sports college focuses on sports science. Additionally, the curriculum covers sports management and the history of Bangladesh's struggle for independence and sports. In the final year, there will be a specific course on sports journalism.

Based on scientific principles, the curriculum covers various aspects of sports science, including sports and exercise physiology, sports biomechanics, sports psychology, and sports nutrition.


While the sports market in Bangladesh has expanded, there's a lack of skilled workforce. Even though one might aspire to be a modern coach, understanding sports science is essential. Moreover, after completing their graduation at BKSP, students can become instructors at district sports offices and other physical education colleges. They also have the opportunity to compete in general job markets like other graduates.

Studying Abroad

While there are various undergraduate courses related to sports worldwide, there are limited opportunities specifically focused on cricket within the country. An online search found a course at Leeds Beckett University in the United Kingdom called "Applied Sports Studies in Cricket." This program offers a three-year BSc option. Similarly, the University of Worcester in the UK offers a BSc or postgraduate course in "Cricket Coaching and Management." This four-year course is specifically designed for those who aspire to be coaches or managers of cricket teams.

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