Top 10 Countries That Are Leading In Terms Of Muslim Population

The Islamic faith is experiencing the swiftest expansion among all religious communities globally.

According to Pew Research, by the year 2030, the global Muslim population is projected to reach 2.2 billion, with a growth rate of 1.5% per year, higher than that of any other religious group. This vast and growing Muslim population is spread across various countries.

Top 10 Countries With The Highest Muslim Populations

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1. Maldives: A significant portion of the population in the South Asian country of Maldives follows Islam. The country's citizens adhere to Islamic beliefs, and Sharia law forms the basis of its constitution.

2. Mauritania: An Islamic republic located in North-West Africa, where 99.9% of the population adheres to the Islamic faith. Most Mauritanian Muslims follow the Maliki school of thought within Sunni Islam.

3. Somalia: A country situated in the Horn of Africa, with 99.8% of its population being Muslim. Sunni Islam and Sufi traditions have a strong influence on Somali Muslims.

4. Tunisia: Located in North Africa, Tunisia has a population of 99.8% Muslims. The country follows Sunni Islam, with the Maliki school of thought being predominant.

5. Afghanistan: A Muslim-majority country in South Asia. 99.7% of the people there are Muslims. Afghanistan is primarily inhabited by Sunni Muslims, particularly the Hanafi school of thought.

6. Algeria: A North African country where 99.7% of the population adheres to Islam, mostly following Sunni beliefs.

7. Iran: In the Middle East, Iran has a Muslim population of 99.4%. A significant portion of Iranian Muslims follow Shia Islam, making Iran a central hub for this branch of the religion.

8. Yemen: Situated in the Middle East, Yemen is home to a 99.2% Muslim population. Sunni Islam and Shia Islam (Zaidi and Twelver) are the main denominations practiced.

9. Morocco: In North Africa, 99% of Moroccans are Muslim, primarily following Sunni Islam.

10. Niger: A country in West Africa where 98.3% of the population adheres to Islam. The majority of Nigerien Muslims follow Maliki and Salafi interpretations.

It's noteworthy that Western Sahara has the eighth-highest Muslim population proportionally. Despite having a Muslim majority of 99.4%, it is not recognized internationally as a sovereign state.

Furthermore, among the nations boasting the most substantial Muslim populations in raw numbers...

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1. Indonesia: claims the title of having the world's largest Muslim populace, with 84% of its inhabitants adhering to Islam, equating to approximately 220 million individuals.

2. Pakistan: Pakistan ranks second globally in Muslim population with 206 million Muslims, forming 92% of its populace.

3. India: Even though predominantly Hindu, hosts a significant Muslim community, comprising 14% of the entire population, which amounts to roughly 195 million individuals.

4. Bangladesh: Around 93% of the population in Bangladesh is Muslim, totaling approximately 153 million individuals.

5. Nigeria: In West Africa, Nigeria has around 53% of its population is Muslims, numbering about 100 million people.

6. Egypt: With a Muslim population of around 90%, Egypt has about 90 million adherents.

7. Iran: As mentioned earlier, Iran has around 98 million Muslims.

8. Turkey: At the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Turkey has a population of 97% Muslims, totaling around 82 million.

9. Algeria: Algeria's population of 42 million is overwhelmingly Muslim.

10. Sudan: About 97% of Sudan's population, around 35 million people, adhere to Islam.

These countries showcase the diverse distribution and significant presence of the Muslim community worldwide.

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