Why 425 Foreigners Including 252 Bangladeshis Detained In Malaysia?

In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the Immigration Department of the country has detained 425 foreigners, including 252 Bangladeshis, on charges of illegal residency. According to a report in Free Malaysia Today and The New Straits Times, the operation took place in a residential area in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, from Friday midnight until dawn, targeting three flats.

Suspect being arrested by police at midnight

As per information from the Immigration Department, among the detained foreigners, more than half are Bangladeshis (252 individuals). Among the others, there are 108 from Myanmar, 30 from Indonesia, 20 from Nepal, 7 from Pakistan, 4 from Cambodia, and 2 from the Philippines. These individuals work as skilled workers in construction companies in Kuala Lumpur and various other organizations.

The detainees are accused of various violations, including lacking valid immigration documents, misuse of passes and permits, overstaying approved durations, not having identification documents, and more.

In response to local complaints, the Immigration Department conducted a two-week investigation followed by surveillance before launching this operation, as stated by Shamsul Baharin Mohsin, the Director of the Kuala Lumpur Immigration Department. He mentioned that the detainees' ages range from 8 to 54 years.

Shamsul Baharin further informed that as part of future steps, these detainees will be placed in the Bukit Jalil Immigration Detention Depot. Actions will be taken against them according to the Immigration Act 1959/63, Passport Act 1966, and Immigration Regulations 1963.

The residents of the area where the operation was conducted had previously raised concerns about the high number of foreign residents in the locality and the resulting social issues, as noted by the Director of the Immigration Department.

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