New AI Tools For Video Editing On Facebook And Instagram

Tech giant Meta has introduced two AI-based video editing tools. These AI based video editing tools make it easy to post created videos on Facebook and Instagram. Meta launched these AI video editing tools last Thursday.

The first tool is called Emu Video. By providing instructions through reference images and text, or using both methods simultaneously, Emu Video can create a video with a duration of just four seconds.

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The second tool is Emu Edit. This tool allows users to edit or modify any video by providing instructions through written text. Both tools leverage the core model of Meta's AI, Emu, to generate expanded forms, creating images or videos based on text instructions. However, it is not known when these AI-based video tools will be available on Facebook and Instagram without any restrictions.

For Instagram, some video editing tools have also been integrated into Imu, allowing users to change image styles or backgrounds after taking a photo.

Since the launch of OpenAI and ChatGPT towards the end of last year, businesses and other companies have increasingly embraced generative AI in the market to enhance their capabilities.

Meta has focused on AI technology as one of its major themes. It aims to stay ahead in competition with other major tech giants such as Microsoft, Google's parent company Alphabet, and Amazon.

AI-based video editing tools, similar to Google Photos' Magic Editor and Adobe Photoshop, can be found in many products. However, these tools do not require Instagram and Facebook customers to use any third-party online platforms. Therefore, it is hoped that AI-based video tools will provide many advantages for video lovers and social media customers.


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