Stephen King Asks Elon Musk to Bring Back "Twitter" Instead of "X"

Stephen King has once again taken to publicly criticize Elon Musk for his handling of X, the once-beloved Twitter platform. What's got King's goat this time? The name "X" itself.

In a recent tweet, King expressed his disdain, declaring, "This X shit’s got to go. #ChangeItBack," implying a return to the original name, Twitter.

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King has never been shy about his disapproval of Musk's management style since taking over the platform. Notably, this isn't the first occasion where King has poked fun at Musk's rebranding efforts. However, this time around, King is making a direct plea for Musk to reconsider the name change.

Interestingly, despite King's public disapproval, Musk has previously hinted at his admiration for King and his literary works. This admiration has led to some friendly banter between the two on the platform.

Notably, King's words seem to carry some weight with Musk. Previously, they publicly negotiated over the price of X Premium, the once-Twitter Blue paid subscription service. Musk initially proposed a higher price, but after King's resistance, Musk eventually offered an per month counteroffer. King pushed back, refusing to pay for a blue verification badge, prompting Musk to gift the esteemed author a complimentary Twitter Blue subscription.

Despite King's latest call for change, it's unlikely Musk will heed the request to revert to the original Twitter name. However, given their history, there's a possibility Musk might respond with a counteroffer. Who knows, perhaps King will be the sole exception allowed to retain his original profile URL, if and when Musk decides to switch to the domain name for good.

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