[Happened To Me] After Domain Expiration, What Happens If You Don't Renew?

A few days ago, something remarkable happened with my other two domains. Today, I'll share it with you and provide some important information on this matter.

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The incident was, when I tried to visit my other two blogs a few days ago, some ads appeared in the browser that showed up only when a domain expires. Seeing this, I was astonished! Immediately, I contacted my domain register company, but unfortunately, they couldn't provide any solution immediately. They told me to contact my hosting company, but all my blogs are hosted on Blogger.com. Finally, I sent them a screenshot of my DNS settings where the errors appers. Then they said it seemed the domain expired due to non-payment. Then I sent them a copy of my paid invoice. Then after seeing my paid invoice, almost a day later, they reactivated both of those domains for my two blogs. On that offline day, I lost about 50K+ page views from my two blogs combined.

The main problem here was that although I paid the domain bill, they had received the payment correctly, but they didn't renew the domain, so after the expiration, both domains went into Inactive mode. It was a very common issue, but when I first encountered this problem, I was very scared.

So, in today's post, we will learn what will happen to the domain even after its expiration if you don't renew it or keep not checking the validaty date.

For those who have a little idea about domains and hosting, they all know that usually domain registrars send notification alerts via email about the expiration of the domain, starting a month before the expiration date. So, it is advisable for everyone to renew their domain and hosting within this period.

Now, let's come to the main topic.

So, after the expiration of the domain, if you don't renew it, what will happen?

After the domain expires, the domain registrar company will hold it. Then your visitors won't be able to access your blog or website. Thats what exctly happend with me.

Different Periods For Domain Expiration

1. Renewal Grace Period : Stage 01

Even after the expiration of your domain, the domain registrar company will give you the opportunity to renew it. Usually, within 1 to 15 days, you can renew your domain without any penalty.

2. Renewal Grace Period : Stage 02

During this period, if you renew your domain within 16 to 30 days after its expiration, you may be subject to additional penalties along with the domain renewal charge. Your registrar company will tell you how much the penalty will be.

3. Restoration Grace Period : Stage 03

During this period, if you don't renew your site's domain within 31 to 60 days after its expiration, you will be subject to additional penalties. Generally, the penalty amount can be around $100. However, the amount of this penalty varies depending on the domain extension (.com, .org, .net etc) and the domain registrar company.

4. Last Stage

Finally, after the 61st day, you won't be able to renew your domain anymore. That means there will be no way to renew the domain, and you will lose ownership of your domain. Meaning, you won't have ownership of your domain anymore.

Remember and try to renew domains and hosting before they expire. Many of us register domains and hosting for 5 to 10 years and then forget about these registrations, leading to these problems. So always check your domain registered email to see if you have received any necessary mail from your domain registrar company and log into your DNS Control Panel to check if everything is fine including domain and hosting expiration? If you see anything unusual, contact your domain and hosting registrar immediately to get it fixed. Otherwise your website may be temporarily down.

Thats all and I'm ending this article here. Stay safe on online. Stay healthy. Goodbye.

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