Ford And Tesla's Self-Driving Technology Under Scrutiny

In terms of latest technology, the car manufacturing world has seen significant advancements over the past decade. From driverless cars to electric vehicles, several tech giants have introduced innovations into the market. Recently, the use of hands-free driving technology is being observed in various renowned car brands. This hands-free technology involves a special type of autonomous driving technology where the driver, if desired, can sit in the driver's seat and control the car's steering wheel without touching it for some time.

Autonomous Driving Vehicles Enabled by Technology

Following two major road accidents, the American administration has initiated investigations into the use of Ford's hands-free driving technology. Immediately after these incidents, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) started investigating the effectiveness of Ford's BlueCruise driver assistance technology. Because, during these accidents, both cars were equipped with Ford's hands-free driving technology.

In February, an elderly driver was killed instantly when a Ford car equipped with the BlueCruise driver assistance technology collided head-on with another car stopped on the road. Another accident occurred in March in Philadelphia. The American NHTSA authorities have announced that they will thoroughly examine the effectiveness and the performance of the driver less monitoring technology of the BlueCruise driver free AI technology.

On the other hand, investigations have also begun into a similar technology named Tesla's Autopilot, a globally renowned electric car brand. Like Ford's BlueCruise, Tesla's Autopilot technology is also a software of autonomous driving AI technology. However, Tesla's Autopilot technology allows for partial automation, thus it is used for speed control and parking the car. When using Tesla's Autopilot technology, the driver needs to remain quite vigilant.

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