How To Keep Safe And Protect School Kids In The Warm Weather

In the current intense heat, ensuring the safety of school-going children is very important. After a week-long directive to keep schools closed in Bangladesh due to the intense heat, the trend of reopening schools and colleges has started again. During this intense heat, various problems can arise for children while commuting to school. Although many schools are equipped by AC to handle the heat, not all schools have the same facilities. Therefore, extra caution is very essential. Ensuring the care of children should be a priority starting from their clothing to their comfort. Awareness about these issues is crucial.

Ways to protect school children from the heat

1. Clothing Consideration

School dress codes cannot be altered. In this case, it's essential to provide children with cotton clothes. Before sending them to school, put a cap on their heads to protect their eyes. If possible suggest them to use a small umbrella. Apply sunscreen lotion to their skin to prevent direct exposure to the sun's rays. Avoid burdening them with excessive books. It's better to keep children's hair short during the heat. For girls, tying their hair up makes them more comfortable. Pay attention to their footwear. Shoes should be comfortable. Open-toed shoes are preferable.

2. Drinking Clean Water

In this heat, ensure that your child drinks clean water. Provide them with a small bottle of clean water in their school bag. Keep the water bottle clean. Avoid giving them chilled water, ice cream, or soft drinks on the way to school. Also, refrain from allowing them to consume various street foods or beverages like lemonade, sugarcane juice, etc., on their way back from school. Instead, you can prepare lemonade or lassi with yogurt for them at home. You can also give them saline.

3. Extra Care With Tiffin

In this heat, it's necessary to take extra care of your child's tiffin. Along with water, it's good to include seasonal fruits like oranges, papayas, or other seasonal fruits sliced in their tiffin. You can also include yogurt or something else. Keep vegetables as a priority in their breakfast.

4. Provide Towels and Tissues

Try to keep your child away from sweating as much as possible and make sure that they don't sweat too much while at school. Also try to suggest your child as far away from the sun as possible. Keeping warm sweats away is not easy as they are small baby. Being at school can be overwhelmingly hot and sweaty. So give a towels or some tissues with the kids. If needed, give a small towel attached with girl's waist belt and in a pocket of boys. Say them to wash their face and hands with cold water from time to time in the school. Also make sure they have an opportunity to wipe their hands and face.

5. Heatstroke Awareness

Educate your children about the signs and symptoms of heatstroke, such as dizziness, nausea, rapid heartbeat, and excessive sweating. Teach them to seek shade and stay hydrated if they start feeling unwell due to the heat. Encourage them to inform their teachers or school authorities if they or their classmates show any signs of heat-related illness. Additionally, remind them of the importance of taking breaks in shaded areas during outdoor activities and avoiding strenuous physical exertion during the hottest parts of the day. By raising awareness about heatstroke, you can help prevent serious health complications during the extream weather heat.

That's all for today. The team wishes you and your children good health. Try to stay as cool as possible in this intense heat. Pray to the Almighty Allah to shower His mercy upon us. Thank you.

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