How To Improve Alexa Ranking Globally

As you know, in the internet world there are uncountable websites and blogs available, and its increasing everyday. For a blog Alexa rank plays an important role in your online career. If you are serious in your blogging career you must pay attention in your blog's Alexa rank.

Let’s know more about the benefits of Alexa ranking and how to lower Alexa rank.

how to increase alexa rank

What is Alexa Ranking? is a analytical website owned by Amazon which provides the position of your blog/ website in World Wide Web. This calculation based on total traffic and the traffic rank is based on three months aggregated historical traffic data from the users of Alexa toolbar and traffic data from other sources. This tool will also provide you Keyword research, Competitive analysis, Site linking status, Site and Content Audits features.

The ranking system of Alexa is, the lowest rank is BEST and the highest raking value is BAD.

For example: has Alexa rank #1 and this is too much good position.

Why Alexa Ranking is important?

This ranking is not important for those bloggers who are not serious and don't want to make money online. The Alexa rank shows your blog/ website status that how much it is good or bad.

Now fact is...

How alexa rank is important?

Well, as I defined above it is based on your total site traffic, so whenever a reviewer wants to feedback about your blog and an advertiser who wants to place ads their product or service on your blog/ website they will check your Alexa rank for understanding how much popular your blog or website and how many estimated traffic you get. Keep in mind, if you have not decent amount of traffic on your site you'll not get success to make money. So, knowing how to improve Alexa ranking free with real traffic is an important part for online success.

alexa ranking chart board with two people

How to improve Alexa ranking

Well, it’s not very easy to increase Alexa rank. With the help of increase alexa rank service and traffic exchange sites you can improve alexa ranking but, this is not actual way and you will not get real visitors.

I recommend you to make real visitors to your blog.

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Along with huge traffic you can apply some tricks.
First create a free account on Alexa website. Here are some killer tips to improve Alexa ranking. Follow me...

1. Publish quality post everyday

You might hear the "Content is King" for a blog. So update your blog site everyday with unique posts to get decent amount of high quality traffic. This is the main answer of your question how to increase alexa rank quickly.

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2. Install Alexa toolbar to your browser

It’s very important for a publisher to install and use Alexa toolbar in their browser. This is very effective way. Simply click here to install Alexa toolbar for free of charge. I am sure, if you use Alexa toolbar, they will love you too. :-)

3. Be a paid customer of Alexa

Nothing is free in the world. To get your blog more friendly with alexa rank consider to use a pro plan. By using any pro plan you will get lots of quality SEO and Analysis tools and services which are not free for all.

They have different plans for different needs. Check Alexa plan prices.

4. Use Certified Alexa rank for Your blog

This will also a paid option for webmasters. Alexa certified level is based on your blog's monthly traffic. They offer different prices for different page views per month. Alexa offers 7 days free trial for any paid plan and you can cancel anytime if you want to opt out from their services.

5. Verify your ownership on

If you want to know how to decrease alexa rank fast then Create an account in (free) and add your site URL. After adding your site you will need to verify your site for real ownership by adding a simple Meta tag in your index or template file.

6. Try to get related sites to link your blog

Sitelink also can improve your Alexa ranking. By creating high quality backlinks you can get sitelinks on Leave a comment on other sites or blogs, participate on forums, groups and community with your blog address. This will increase your pagerank, backlinks and traffic also.

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7. Increase visitors globally to improve Alexa ranking

Hence, more visitor means more quality ranking, so don't aim to get visitors only from your local area or country. Keep in mind always, when you publish a website or a blog you are worldwide. So your traffic source target should be worldwide. Optimize your site or blog for worldwide visitors.
You can install web translator for your users who are unfamiliar with your primary language.

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8. Write posts about Alexa

In your blog, write some posts about such as how to improve Alexa position, Alexa review, Alexa ranking advantages, benefits of Alexa toolbar and widget, how an advertiser choose a site by analyzing Alexa rank for advertising, how to improve alexa ranking, how to increase Alexa rank etc.


As described above, I hope you can understand what is Alexa ranking and how it is important. From my personal experience, publishing posts frequently is the main trick for getting a smart position in Alexa, because without any quality updated contents no one will visit your blog again and again so you will drop from search engine ranking position.

Remember don't try to use any  black hat ways or software like boost alexa rank software. It can be harmful for your blog for forever.

At last, wishing you best for getting a quality position from to increase your alexa rank.

if you have any question about online marketing please feel free to ask me any time... Stay well and be happy. Allah Hafez.


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  1. Traffic is the only way that may increase your site alexa rank. So do SEO and other promotional methods to increase you traffic and alexa will increase automatically.

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  4. All great suggestions. Another method of improving Alexa rank is to write about the topics that people are searching Alexa for. If you have the Alexa toolbar installed then you will see current trends (similar to Google trends) if any of these fit your niche, write about them asap so that you can attract Alexa toolbar users to your site.

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