Google Affiliate Network : Way To Make Money Online

Recently the most popular search engine Google announced about their new advertise service named Google Affiliate Network.Are you a blogger or website owner? If you so, here is attractive opportunity to make some extra money from your blog. Google Affiliate Network is a free program to connect with relevant ads and get rewarded for driving conversations. There are also many affiliate ads network, but its talk about Google!

Google Affiliate Network

This service is really effective for those publishers who love or want to publish articles about certain product or service. Like review, description or about its advantages.

Some of its plus points are:
1. High quality advertisers.
2. Track and access real time report.
3. Eye catching and user friendly interface dashboard.
4. Easy way to cash out via adsense account in your local state.
5. VIP and top publishers will get raising star status.
6. Product search, feeds, API and simple link generator.

Know what is affiliate marketing actually?

Affiliate marketing means promoting a product or service to other and influence them to take or buy this product too with promoter's referral. In this situation the product or service company pays me an amount as commission. Similarly, if you refer other people though Google Affiliate marketing  then you'll receive commission. That's all about affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing system

How it works and how to use G.A.N

Google Affiliate program introduced a new type of widget. Whenever you write a new post about a product or service recommended by the advertiser the Google Affiliate widget will help you to show affiliate links on your post/ blog. You can choose links type. Such as simple text link, image link or full banner. To participate in this program you must have an adsense account. Log in to blogger, click your blog title, click Earnings, and click Get started. Select an advertise category for your blogger blog and go on.

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