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How To Hide Blogger Blog Navbar

If you are using blogger default template you will see a navigation bar at top in your blogger blog. Some custom templates also allow this navbar.

This navbar includes with Blog search box, Flag a blog, Next blog link, Create a blog and Sign in to blogger etc. This navbar is not apropos with a blog because it looks ugly and old designed and if you are a pro blogger or if you have a blogger blog with eye catching design it will destroy your good looking almost twenty percent.

From my personal experience I can say many visitors even a blogger user does not use it at all.

So, let’s hide/ remove it...

Hide Navbar from blogger saimoom

Hide Navbar from blogger blog

1. Log in to your Blogger blog
2. Click your blog title

3. Click Template from left side menu

4. Backup your full template before editing

5. Click Edit HTML, Click Proceed
7. Search for ]]></b:skin> tag by pressing Ctrl+F

8. Now paste the below code just above/ before it

/*  --------navbar hide start shinemat-------- */
#navbar-iframe { height:0px; visibility:hidden; display:none }

9. Click Save Template and reload your blog homepage. That's all.
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Topic Under: 4/17/2012
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