10+ Reasons Why Should Start Blogging Career

In the world each person are unique by their different types of thoughts, experience and knowledge basis. Blogging is becoming very popular everyday, so why don’t you join and start your blogging career? In this post I am going to share with you the advantages and why should you start blogging.
Let’s move forward…

Why should I do blog?

1. Blogging can express yourself

You can share your thoughts, ideas and opinion with the whole world by blogging. It’s almost free and very easy way to express yourself.

2. Increase knowledge through blogging

There is a proverb that “There’s no best way to learn something than to teach it others.” So I am sure when you start blogging you will be sharing valuable information and teaching your respected readers. By this way you will also know something new.

3. Bloggers are entrepreneur

Every serious blogger are entrepreneur, because the blogger can start thinking, experiment and analyzing something with blogging. Blogger knows whats happening right now and what peoples want more in the world. And then after completing education stage they can easily match with job or business activities.

4. Help other by sharing your knowledge

As I said above, peoples are different, and no one is expert on everything. If you are expert on something then start blogging about it. Help other people’s problem related with your subject. Show the world that you are genius.

5. To make some extra money

Make money with a blog
I know many blogger, and they are earning a smart amount of money through blogging. Most of them are student. Hold on! Without hard work and patience forget make money from your blog. Remember without having huge reader/ visitor on your blog you can’t make money from online. You can monetize your blog through advertising and other good income source activities.

6. To have fun or for hobby

Many people start a blog only for fun and many for hobby. Blogging is also my hobby. My interests are web designing, programming language and technology. That’s why I blog about those topic. Express your hobby worldwide, who knows once you may be popular blogger with your hobby.

7. To make network and meet new friends

Blogging can help you to present yourself in cyber world. That means you can simply build a good relation with your blog readers and new people. Make your network community range wide.

8. To advertise/ marketing or promote something

Blogging is a great way to promote yourself or your business or any product and service. Write reviews, advantages and other facilities about your business, or product and service.

9. Bloggers are learners

No blogger share any information without understanding it before. As a result their knowledge increases whenever they analyze something new.

10. You will become a good writer through blogging

You also know that “Practice makes a man perfect” If you write a lot of article you will be very best at expressing your writing career. Write more, and more people will want to read your stuff on your blog. This will also help you at your educational life.

11. Branding yourself as an expert

Show yourself that you are an expert about something. Whatever it is, just share your unique knowledge with the world.  Think when other people ask you about something for solution and you can answer them, how you will feel? Good na?

Conclusion Image


After discussing, now you know how much necessary to start a blog. You know what, I don’t know from when I love blogging as my hobby and passion. Listen your heart voice, Spread them worldwide, Become an expert and genius. You must use Facebook and Twitter to share whats on your mind. So, why don’t you start your own sharing platform? Set your mind, go ahead and don’t drop your patience. I am sure you will be also success like others. You know why I am so sure, because Allah says he always stay with them who have enough patience.

Best of luck for your blogging career, if you want to start.
Let me know, if you have any problem or to know something else. May Allah bless you all. Bye dear.

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