TuneUp Utilities 2012 : Why Do I Like?

TuneUp utilities logoTuneUp is an utility for Windows users which helps you to do status and recommendations, analyzing, cleaning up, system check, increase performance, configure PC optimization mode, free up disk space and solve other general problems manually and get speed up to 40%+. It can boost your battery life of laptops, notebooks and other types of PCs by up to 30%! So, you can enjoy enough power or energy performance for working, gaming and other heavy work on your computer.

I personally use this software in my laptop. I am really glad to use this. That’s why I want to share my personal experience about this software with my valuable readers how it works and what are its total features. Let’s see, what’s new on Tune up utilities 2012, all of the features information are collected from TuneUp’s official site.

TuneUp Utilities 2012 Front Interface

New Features at TuneUp 2012
     1. TuneUp economy mode
     2. TuneUp program deactivator (Fully automated)

Enhance Performance and Battery Life
     1. Turbo mode
     2. TuneUp live optimization
     3. Disable startup programs and applications
     4. Accelerate system startup and turn off
     5. Defragment hard drives

Caring of Your Device and Data Problems
     1. One Click Maintenance and automatic maintenance
     2. Cleaning up hard drives
     3. Uninstall unnecessary programs and applications
     4. Defragment, clean and edit the registry
     5. Find and delete large amounts of data and programs
     6. Remove broken or unused shortcuts

Recover/ Restore and Secure Delete Data
     1. Restore deleted files
     2. Clean hard drives
     3. Delete files safely

Analyze and Easy Troubleshooting for Your Computer
     1. Show system information
     2. Status and recommendations (by category)
     3. Current optimization status
     4. Increase performance - recommendations
     5. Program or application rating
     6. Display and close running program processes
     7. Detect and fix the problems
     8. Check hard drives for any errors

Customizing Windows Default Style
     1. Customize the appearance or design of Windows
     2. Customize options and behaviors

More Attractive Features at TuneUp 2012
     1. Start center
     2. Overview of all functions
     3. TuneUp Utilities settings center
     4. Check for program or any updates
     5. Get optimization report

Humm! Its many feature. Right? And all of these features are really useful for your PC. I recommended you for using this utility to fast your computer performance. Simply Download it from tune up server. (File size: 32 MB)

Generally Tune Up utility 2012 gives free 15 days for trial. This software value is $ 49.95 for new users and $ 29.95 for existing users if they want to upgrade from older version.

We are sorry to say that providing of free license of this software has been stopped.

Thank you.

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