Bounce Rate : What Is And How To Decrease It Easily?

Web traffic is a most important element for every blog or website. Who does not want lots of visitors in his/ her own blog? The answer is Everyone. If you are a webmaster or SEO expert you have to know about bounce rate to analyze overall traffic. It is really an important factor to analyze how your visitors take action after entering your blog or reading your contents. In this post we will be discussing about bounce rate.

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Decrease bounce rate

What is bounce rate?

Bounce rate is a traffic calculation system of readers who enter in a blog/ website and leave without surfing other pages. It is the best way to analyze your traffic activity. Keep in mind,

  1. Lower bounce rate is better and high is bad for your blog.

  2. Exit rate and bounce rate is not same things.

For example: you visit a site and leave away immediately to a different site rather than continue visit on other pages. If you do so as a visitor, bounce rate will be increasing of the site that you have visited.

If your bounce rate is increasing dramatically it’s a deep thinkable matter, but if you maintain some rules it is not an impossible factor. First you should know why bounce rate increases?

  • Your blog take too much time to load.
  • Your readers click on your advertisement.
  • When readers click Back button of his web browser.
  • Your blog does not provide any quality contents.
  • Your visitors close browser.
  • Your external links opens in a same tab/ window.
  • Your blog design is ugly or hard to navigation.

These are common issues for leaving your blog immediately without visiting other pages and it counted as bounce rate.

The formula for finding your bounce rate is…

■ Amount of visitors who left after one page/ Total number of your visitors = Bounce rate.

To get result in percentage, simply multiply result with 100.

Example: 150/200 = 0.75 X 100 = 75 % (Here bounce rate is 75%)

I hope, I can clear all to you.

easy way to reduce bounce rate

How to decrease bounce rate?

1. Reduce blog load time

No one likes waiting. A visitor first notices your blog's load time. If it takes too much time to load visitors will click cross button on their browser/ tab. Make sure your blog does not take too much time to load. Check your blog load time at Google's PageSpeed tools. If you get your blog's speed score less than 80 then you have to remove extra scripts, images, videos, widgets etc.

2. Simple and easy to understand

Simple is smart. Make your articles funny, attractive and easy to understand to your readers. Use paragraph, heading tag, bold words, underline and don’t forget to use graphics in your posts. Keep your article easy to read.

3. Internal links

The most effective way. This helps to stay your visitors in your blog for more time. Always interlink your posts with other posts. Wikipedia is a big example for interlinking. This is a great way to reduce bounce rate. Also this strategy will boost your SEO performance. Search engines will find lots of links in a post of your blog for crawling well. You will be benefiting if you are using anchor text to make external links. It also known as link title which will show on mouse hove on links. Don't forget to use proper keywords.

<a href="" target="_blank" title="Learn pro SEO for free">SEO tricks</a>

4. Add open in new tab attribute in external links

Your visitors should stick with your blog to reduce bounce rate. Use open in new tab option whenever you are linking to another site. To add open in new tab attribute in external links simply use the following HTML code or add the highlighted code to create external links.

<a href="" target="_blank" title="Learn pro SEO for free">SEO tricks</a>

5. Add related posts widget

Setup a related post gadget below your posts which will show more similar topic to read. For example see below at this post.

6. Get targeted traffic

Targeted traffic is very important to reduce bounce rate. Do SEO perfectly with relevant keywords to get real customers or visitors. Think, you sell computer accessories and If a visitor of your website wishing to buy a baby toy what will happen? Can you make a purchase from this buyer? That's why targeted traffic is important. Also because of almost 90% Un-targeted visitors watch only one web page.

7. Eye catch able link color

Never let your readers to get confused to select your links. Use blue color in links. If your reader can’t find your links how they will click on them?

8. Internal Search results

I am sure in your blog you have a search box for searching something. Readers are always try to save time so that they use search box. The suggestion is for search box are, it's result links  should be open in a new tab and search result must be relevant with visitor’s queries which they are looking for.

9. Attractive blog design

DeSiGn ! A strong way to hold visitor’s for first time. When a visitor comes in landing page and see an attractive designed blog they will be reading your contents with enjoy. So, for first good impression you have to decorate your blog professionally for looking A+.

10. Create a full post list (Table of Contents)

Everyone want easy way. Create a full list of your all posts in order to categories. Keep it update all time. Whenever a post you publish, make sure you add your post link in post list. See our post list.

That’s all I want to share about bounce rate. If I got any update, I will add them immediately. Oh! My final exams are knocking at my door loudly. I will be idle until 28 December in this blog. Don't go, Stay reading

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With good health and smile, be happy.


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