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As a blogger or webmaster you will need to lots of hard work for getting huge visitors to your blog or website. If your blog is not particularly popular then I think you will find visibility with backlinks as an easy option.

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It is very important to build lots of quality backlinks to your blog site. Remember, beside all of SEO techniques backlinks feature is very important. Google page rank will be growing according by total backlinks. I am sure a boost of backlinks can give you a smart path to touch your blogging objective.

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1)  To get best output you have to get your backlinks from different sources instead of maximum backlinks from one or two websites. This will never help you to get your desire page rank. So, your backlinks should be come from high page ranked different websites or blogs, not from several. That means your readers will also come from different places.

2)  It is really can’t be describe how much important quality posts are. If you have unique and worthy posts in your blog, readers will keep visiting your blog, they will share on social networks and recommend it to friends. Many blogger will add your blog link in their blog as friends or reciprocal. In my sense this is the prime path to get and hold more readers to your blog. Because, No update= No visitors.

3)  If necessary, you should use paid links. It’s also important to be aware that you get proper value of your money. Paid links will not assist you a bit if you have not enough contents in your blog. This will increase blog bounce rate which is strongly unacceptable matter for bloggers.

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4)  Building external backlinks is really worthwhile. This is an easy source for getting visitors and it improves Google page rank. If you hire online marketing expert, must monitor their work to ensure that backlinks are use to you.

5)  Participate in forums, guest blogging, commenting on other blogs and community platform which are relate with your niche topic. Contribute and discuss about something positive on your niche topic. Don’t forget to share your blog link as signature to create backlinks.
Make sure that you are not a spammer.

6)  Social bookmarking, social sharing, directory submission also can give you quality backlinks. These types of sites are full all time with huge peoples, and search engine robots crawl them every second. So, getting backlinks from these types of sites is really quality backlinks.


You will get plenty of necessary ideas on how to market your blog in internet world from SEO strategy. Online marketing strategy is a field which is changing rapidly and for that reason you have to be alert for the upgrade tricks and techniques. Keep holding your efforts to keep your readers engaged with your unique thoughts in your blog.

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Have fun dear! :-)


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