10 Killer Ways To Get Targeted Traffic

If you have a blog or a website and your online business is not making any profits or sales then make sure a major problem behind at your online business. It’s targeted traffic. Although you are getting huge visitors daily but you are not seeing any profits then it’s the main cause. Traffic is always good for a site, but getting targeted traffic is the lifeblood of your site. Without this you can’t expect to see profits.

get free targeted visitors

Well, today I will reveal Ten effective methods to generate targeted traffic to your blog or business pages.

1. Search Engine Optimization

If you really want to get organic traffic from search engine result pages then you have to focus on SEO tactics. In order to get targeted traffic you have to optimize your site with perfect keywords/ phrases that you wish to rank up. Backlinks, Forum posting etc can help you to get real traffic. Also read these posts:

2. Social Media and Social Bookmarking

Everyone knows the power of social media. Lot of visitors use facebook, google plus, twitter etc. Publish your posts and updates in these sites. Surely you will get real targeted traffic.

Beside this you should start social bookmarking. This will also boost your traffic. Some top social bookmarking sites are:

Google bookmark

3. Contents/ article marketing

It’s very effective step. I can’t explain in some words about the importance of article marketing. When you are going to publish articles on article directories keep in mind some factors.

A) Article is related with your blog or website’s subject.
B) Article is optimized with rich keywords.
C) Your article is not duplicate or modified. It must be genuine and unique.
D) Make sure your article is linked with your main blog or website.
E) Your article should be interested and well formatted.

Here is a list of top article directories where you can publish articles to promote your blog/ website for driving targeted traffic.


4. Questions and answers

Participate on some question and answer sites. Search for relevant questions with your subject and answer them by mentioning your site’s URL as source. If you are a blogger and if you have a post about that question you can simple leave your post link in your answer. Don’t just leave your URL without a proper help answer. This will mark you as a spammer.

Six Q and A sites are:

Yahoo! Answers
Anybody Out There
Blurt it

5. Online advertising

Online advertising is fantastic way to get targeted traffic. But it’s not free at all. If you really serious about your online career it is recommended because there is huge competition. You can use Google Adwords or find other PPC networks to advertise. Make sure your ads are blessed with proper keywords and charges are not high for per click.

online ads for traffic

6. Comments on other blogs

By commenting you can create backlinks. Find popular blogs and forums relevant with your niche and leave a valuable comment with your link. Use proper keywords in anchor text. If you use useless words (such as: Visit my blog, Click to see magic, Click here etc.) in anchor text you will not receive quality traffic.
See example HTML code below to create a link.

<a href="http://www.shinemat.com" title="Make money online">How To Start an Online Business</a>

7. Paid reviews

Spend some bucks for paid reviews. This is a wonderful way to get your site link on high ranked pages and blogs. You can get reviews done by 1 USD or 2 USD in some stages. It will deliver you lots of traffic everyday.

8. Email/ SMS marketing

Email marketing is a great way to promote your site. Send your product or service info to email address and mobile numbers. Stick with your existing email subscribers and send them updates always. Make sure you are not spamming with lots of emails.

Join with lots of our Email subscribers. Click here and enter your email address.

9. Link exchange

Start petition for link exchange. Find popular relevant sites with your niche and request for link exchange. This is a step something looks like online advertising but here you will not be charged.

10. Press release note

Write press release notes to drive organic traffic. Many people don’t do that because they don’t know how to prepare press release note. But this is really effective way. You just need to be written like a journalist. Make sure your press release note’s sound are not something like direct advertisement. Add your link in professional manner.

That's all. These are the easy ways to generate targeted traffic. Hope you enjoyed it. Tell me your views about that.

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