Publish Posts Daily To Increase Blog Traffic Quickly

A blogger always wants to increase blog traffic. Without any doubt continue updating your blog with several posts daily will increase your blog traffic dramatically. You might have seen on your Alexa rank, it goes down (bad) when you don’t publish post and it goes up (good) when you publish actively.

Before any questions arise on your mind how daily posting method helps to increase traffic, let me explain its overall details. First look at the picture below, do you understand something?

publish several posts to increase traffic

Why You Should Publish Some Posts Daily?

1. Think as a reader or a visitor. Why people come in your blog or website? Of course they want to know something new or to learn any tricks and tutorials. Your readers will come again and again to see your attractive latest posts if you update your blog on regular basis. Otherwise you'll loose your returning visitor.

2. Search engines love fresh and latest articles. If you publish several posts daily search engine robots will crawl your blog every minute or seconds.
Do you know, I got quick crawling and index rate by Google. Now it takes only few seconds to index my posts in Google's database. See its proof here. Thanks to Allah for that.

3. Almost 90 percent people use Google to search their queries. Search engine will never show your blog in their results if you have not those posts in your blog. So, update your blog with new and latest news, tricks and tutorials. Remember, search engines always try to provide to searchers best results with the up to date contents. Google will find lots of topics in your blog if you publish posts daily.

4. The smaller number of posts in your blog means the smaller traffic you will get from search engines.

5. Don’t be lazy. If you act as a lazy man Google will penalize you by dropping you last of their search results.

success with daily blogging

6. You will get huge page views if you regular update your blog. Don’t forget to link your newer post with older posts.

7. If you want to earn money from your blog then it is quite necessary to increase your post quantity. Because, “Lots of posts means lots of traffic, and lots of traffic means money.

8. Your bookmark and email subscriber list will be increasing dramatically when readers see your blog is always remain up to date.

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9. Frequently updates will help you to expand your Facebook likes other social network activities.

10. There are lot of completion around online sector. If you do not keep your blog updated you will never be able to run a little bit in this online war.


I recommended you to publish at least one post per day. If you able to publish 3 - 5 posts per day, it will be very wonder. 3-5 posts per day will present you as a powerful blogger.

Let me know which speed you are going to select for your blog posting?


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  1. you opened my eyes thanks for great tips a great post to increase blog traffic especially for begginers


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Please DON'T spam here. Spam comments will be deleted just after our review.

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