How To Submit A Blog To Technorati Directory?

What is Technorati?

Technorati is one of the most popular and biggest blog directory which have large number of verified blogs in their database. Technorati also is a blog search engine and index and rank your blog. If you will get top 10 rank for your blog then you will get smart web traffic from Technorati. So, as a blogger I think it is recommended to claim your blog into Technorati. This will also help to index your blog faster in search engines.


How to submit and verify blog to Technorati?

1. First register an account at Technorati. (skip if already registered)

2. Log in to your account.

3. Click on your username from right top corner to access your account.

Submit blog to technorati

4. Fill up your profile elements and click Update Account.

5. Scroll down at bottom in My claimed blogs section.

Claim blog to Technorati

6. Type your blog URL in Start a blog claim and click Claim button.

7. Then enter your all blog details.

a) Blog title.
b) Blog URL.
c) RSS feed URL.
d) Three linking blog URL that linked to your blog.
e) Blog description (1000 characters maximum).
f) Select three categories that suits your blog.
g) Type your blog’s tag words to describe your blog.

8. Now click Proceed to the next step to go forward.

9. Now back to your profile page and click Check Claim button of your newly claimed blog.

10. Copy the claim token and paste it anywhere in a new blog post (new post is important)

Verify claim token

11. Once you published your blog post, click Verify Claim Token button from Technorati.

■ Many people do a major mistake to enter their claim token is, they paste the token code in existing published post. This is wrong. The token code must be appear in your RSS feed. So, you have to publish a new post including the token code. Because, Technorati uses your feeds to confirm the presence of token code.
In short, first claim your blog in Technorati and then publish a new post with the claim token code.

■ Allow at most 3 days to get approval.

We are waiting to hear from you about his post and also suggest us if you know other blog directories to submit.
Have a nice day dear. 

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Please DON'T spam here. Spam comments will be deleted just after our review.

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