Top Six Blogging Mistakes You Should Avoid

Nowadays everyone can create a blog because it is so easy. Whatever your platform (wordpress, blogger or others) you can make a blog within just few minutes and you can also setup a premium types of template for free from internet. Writing is also easy if you use article re-writer to write your unique posts. Isn’t everything easy?
Well! Actually everything is easy to do if you go through this non-quality way but I will say quality blogging is not so easy than you think. Many new blogger and some middle stage blogger make some fundamental mistakes while they are blogging. And you know what, these mistakes are very difficult and prolong to recover later. For some such mistakes most blogger quit their blogging because they think Blogging is not good and it does not work at all

New blogger mistakes

Here are six blogging mistakes that most bloggers usually do...

1. Actual Definition of your Blog

This is a common mistake that 90% new bloggers make. You created a blog without choosing a clear niche and a plan. You are publishing articles about lots of random niche that you actually don’t know. What is your purpose and target with your blog? Is this your personal blog, business blog, money maker or it just for fun?

2. Knowledge of Keywords Researching and Applying

You are a blogger and you don’t know what is keyword and how keywords should apply? In blogging, web development and SEO; keyword researching is a path to get success. You have to select some fixed topic and select some keywords which suites as your best primary keywords. If you are unable to research your keywords then get help from a professional SEO expert. Remember its a vital part for your blog. There are lots of keyword researching tools available at online but I like to use Google Keyword Planer.

3. Blog Navigation and Designing

Good blog design helps to hold readers to read further info. If you have enough quality contents and you have ugly design and select a solid light background for your blog no one will read your contents. Because, it is not friendly for your visitors eyes. For best designing concept I would say you to visit some professional bloggers blog. Make your blog beautiful and setup friendly interface to navigate your all options and services.

4. Choosing Monetization Way

Remember one thing; Money Making is NOT easy. If you have a not a targeted primary keywords with professional looking blog then no advertiser will give you ads. Without your related niche ads no one will buy anything from your blog.
For example: No one will click on a mobile ad from a flower seller blog because, it’s not a targeted ads. Read further conditions before joining an advertising network as a publisher.

wrong blogging path

5. Regularly Content Updating

People search for contents, not for visiting your blog. Always stay updated with latest posts. It is 100% proved that without updating your contents number you will never get decent traffic. Contents bring targeted traffic. First focus on your blog’s posts and then on traffic.

6. Not Focusing on Quality Traffic

Traffic is soul of your blog. Try to get quality target traffic which will work forever. Paid and fake traffic are always forbidden by search engines. Make a marketing plan of your blog to drive traffic. Here rich keywords technique really work. Do proper SEO to bring up traffic from other sources except search engines.

You must avoid these mistakes as a blogger from first stage. Whenever you'll get any confusion, ask your expert friends or get help from an expert. Best wishes for your blog to be successful. Peace and blessings friends.

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