How To Optimize RSS Feeds For SEO

As like your blog’s SEO optimization you need to also optimize your RSS feeds. After completing any level of SEO optimization on your page you should take next step on your RSS feeds. Because it will be easy to include your rss feeds into your SEO projects just after completing. RSS is very important part for a blog or website. So, effective SEO optimization for your feeds can give you glorious exposure and you will get huge subscribers.

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SEO for RSS feeds

Here you will find 8 useful points to optimize a RSS feed of your blog for search engines...

Feed Title

As like your posts title it is also important to use rich keywords in your feed title. It should be attractive and easy to remember so that people will want to read more.

Rss Feed Description

Feed descriptions are very important. It’s a summary of your blog post to entice your readers to read the full post on your blog site. So always try to create catchy and quality blog post summaries.

Rich Keyword Placement

Remember, keywords are not just only for optimizing your post titles and blog contents. Search engine spiders like links bound with rich keywords. Make sure your blog post and your feeds containing rich keyword text linking.

Feed Linking

Within your feed links must be in full path, not a linked just shortcut to assure the links remain valid. If someone republish your content then a risk remains and that is your actual link gets lost. So, if you show the full path of link then a publisher can easily copy and paste your content with your valid link.

Search Engine Crawling

If you want to crawl your feeds by the major search engines then here is a secret. Just open a free account on Google plus, MySpace, Technorati and other big social community platform. Add and share your feed links there frequently. Once you have done you can see your feeds are crawling every minutes by search engine spiders and your feed subscribers are increasing dramatically.

Subscribe Yourself

Did you subscribe your own feeds? You may surprise that alarmingly 80% content publishers don’t subscribe their own feed. That’s why they actually don’t know how their feeds are displaying over the readers. It is important to subscribe your own feed not only for seeing how it display but also you can change the format, colors and other necessary elements into your rss feeds to make it more attractive.

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You can place advertising within your RSS feeds. Your blog is your brand so make sure you start your every feed with your logo. If you are an adsense publisher then add it to your rss feed. Go to your adsense dashboard and ads section. Click feeds. Now burn your feeds by using FeedBurner service. After this use your that feed address as reference. This will surely display your ads at most of your content readers.

Feed Marketing and Popularity

Use link adverting methods for your feeds to increase its popularity. You can use RSS feed and blog directories submission. Just go to Google and make a search “rss submission site list”  You will get many lists. Now submit your rss feed links.


RSS feed optimizing is not so hard as you think. If you follow up these simple guidelines you can place your feed at better place. As like all other SEO optimizing, feed optimizing is also an ongoing process to make friendly with search engine assignment.

Have fun friends!!!

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