Best Improvement Tips For Internal Linking Strategy

Internal linking strategy plays an important part of overall SEO practice. Actually sometimes it is good to start your internal linking practice first than external link building. If you do that you will be able to control what should display and how you can get visitors from one page to other page within your blog. Search engine bots also like this formula, because by this process search engine bots can easily surf your whole blog from page to page. Internal linking system also reduce your site's bounce rate.

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SEO interlinking strategy

Today we will discuss about the correct process to improve internal linking system. Let’s start…

1. Proper keyword based anchor text

Make sure you are targeting relevant keyword phrases within the link as anchor text. When search engine spiders crawl your blog they will easily understand about your content subject and thus this will help to increase your specific page rank on SERP.

The following HTML code is for making a text link.

<a href="" title="Online business secrets">Learn How To Start an Online Business</a>

Replace Pink URL with your own blog address.
Replace Green text with your own link title.
Replace Blue text with your own keyword phrases.

2. A Sitemap

Creating a sitemap for your website or blog is very important for both visitors and search engine bots. Through a sitemap visitors and search bots can exactly find and understand what types of contents are on your blog. It’s an index of your whole blog and quick way to find desired content(s) for search engines and visitors both.


3. Broken links

Search engine robots get hesitate when it crawl broken or dead links. The bots like to visit through page to page quickly and when they get a dead link that has no existence they ultimately rank your site to down. This is also very harmful for your readers also because when a reader clicks on any broken or dead link to know further info or to visit another page they will get an error. Then that visitor will lose interest to visit your blog anymore. So, spend few times to find your broken links and make them work properly or remove them if actually the linked page has not any present activity.

Example of Broken or Dead link:

Broken link:
Correct link:

4. Text based menus

Search engine bots won’t read your blog menus if you use flash or java to create your menus. This actually does not mean the bots can’t but this really slows them to down. Some browsers are unable to display these types of web menus as it should be. So your visitors will not be able to access your blog properly as well. That’s why you should use simple text version menus to make it easy to access and crawling friendly.

blogger text menu example

5. Fast page loading

As you know, now Google consider page speed to rank a website. You may ask, why page loading time affect in internal linking section? It is because; if your blog loads fast then your links will show quicker, so your audiences don’t go away from your blog just from landing page.
Use Google PageSpeed Insights to analyze your site loading time. This tool will suggest you if anything need to be removed or changed for mobile and desktop version both.

6. Link balancing

While creating links make sure you are not breaking the balance between external linking and internal linking. If you marking out too many external links then your internal link juice will go less.

blog post linking system

7. Use footer section

Footer section is a best place to add some extra links or your social network links. Visitors usually scroll to bottom of a web page. So, you should use that position to encourage your readers to like, follow and stumble your blog.
For example see at below snapshot.

footer social media links

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