Tips For Making A New Blog Popular

After creating a new blog the first worried matter is how to get traffic to your new blog to enlarge your online business. Millions of blog are creating everyday but almost 80% peoples don’t know how to bring quality traffic to make bigger their blogging career.

Here I am showing some effectual steps that will bring huge traffic to your newly created blog.

How to make a blog popular

Eye Catching Blog Design

It is important to be concerned about your blog design while creating a new blog. It should be well designed template and appropriate combination of colors. Your visitors will leave your blog immediately if they feel that your blog are not friendly for browsing and looks ugly. Use common text fonts which are supported by almost all web browsers such as Arial, Sans-serif, Verdana. As like Google I also trust Simplicity is best.

Continue Update

Without a point of doubt it is so important to update your blog frequently with new and unique contents. That's why we call Content is the King for a blog. Readers and search engine spiders will not prefer your blog to read if you keep your blog non updated. You should take care about your old posts also. Make correction with latest updates to stay updated. To more understand you should read why continue post updating is very important for your blog.

Rich Blog Contents

This section is an important part for a blog even it’s the way to get success on blogging career. Without ample posts you can’t get your desire traffic. Make sure your contents are unique and high quality because search engine spiders put emphasis on original quality posts, not on your post quantity. If you want to be a serious blogger then you have to stop publishing articles copied from others. If you caught in plagiarism then you will get a strong penalty from search engines. For recent Google algorithm updates “Hummingbird” you will be dropped from search engine result page forever just for Copy Pasting.
Also take care keywords while you selecting your post title and header tag. Stop coping and start research, learn new things and share your talents on your own blog. Sounds like our slogan "Read, Learn, Explore"

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a process of making a blog site friendly for search engines through some selected rich keywords. It is necessary to get traffic from search engines by applying SEO strategy to make popular your new blog. Generally SEO is divided in two categories.

1. On-Page SEO: This is the optimizing process in your source code like title tag, keyword placement, headings etc.

2. Off-Page SEO: This includes with all outbound marketing like link building, social promoting, bookmarking etc.

There are many sub elements to do in on-page and off-page optimization both. Remember SEO is the vast section to drive more and quality organic traffic by implementing SEO rules.

attention pointer  It is advised to read our SEO tutorials to rank up your blog quickly.

make your blog well known

Online and Direct Advertising

For online advertising Google AdWords is the best option for paid traffic. This is also known as PPC (Pay Per Click) This is the only way to get huge targeted traffic quickly from worldwide or from specific locations for your new blog. Google adwords also offer an option which will allow you to spend your ads budget on daily basis. In the time of setup your ads ensure that your ads are looking attractive and contain rich keyword phrases for well outputs.

SMM and Promotion

It’s the time to get socialized. You have to pull out great benefits from major social networking sites. Using Facebook page, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn etc. you can promote your blog along with smart traffic. Participate on popular forums where peoples talk about your niche. Use RSS feeds and email subscription option to turn your new visitors as returning visitors. Also if you can effort start your email marketing campaign.

We always wait to see your warm participation in this blog. Kindly share and say your comments. With lots of love Good Bye!!!


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