40+ Smart SEO Tips For E-Commerce Business Website

E-Commerce is a smart business that is struggling on every step in nowadays online business platform. Only E-commerce business decorated with thousands of products and services and that’s why it is becoming really a challenge-able matter for driving real and targeted traffic. Here SEO is the right solution for this purpose. Well, it’s true that SEO never pass away but lots of SEO techniques has been changed within just few years and will be changing dramatically in future time. So every time you have to stay updated with latest trends to keep your online business alive.
Here I have shared more than 40 important quick SEO tips for e-commerce websites and related business platforms. Make sure you don’t miss these essential points before applying any actions.

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top seo tips for e-commerce

Website coding and structure

1. Choose best e-commerce platform to update and customize everything easily as your needs.

2. Don’t forget to submit your sitemap to major search engines.

3. If possible avoid AJAX, high resolution banner, Flash designs and the elements that are non SEO friendly.

4. Delete web session identification from page URLs.

5. Setup an internal search engine with filter option to find something easily within your website.

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Site designing and user accessibility

6. To increase conversation rate keep your site clean and make easy to browse.

7. To grab your customer’s attention and trust don’t forget to add your security company badges that you are using. For example see below screenshot.

security verified seal

8. Don’t just use simple images. Use glossy and rich graphical pictures in your content and website. Remember a picture worth thousands of words.

9. Make friendly your website for any multi-screen browser such as: PC, laptop, mobile, tablets etc. Here responsive web designing technique can help you.

10. Peoples love to feel everything easy. Reduce Knotty requirements to buy something and payment process.

11. Decrease your website loading time by minimizing extra and unnecessary codes, CSS, JavaScripts and big images. Make everything just simple. For more help ask your web developer.

12. Color combination should be considered. Keep match your contents with your color theme.

13. Re-decorate your e-commerce site on most popular occasions like: Christmas, Eid day, Valentines day etc.

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    Elements of On-Page Optimization

    14. Focus on your primary keywords for your individual products and services. Use synonym words whenever you need to apply keywords twice or more times.

    15. Long tail keywords also important. Now people searches with long tails phrases. This leverage also calculate your overall targeted visitors conversation.

    16. Optimize your each page title to make your e-commerce website friendly with search engine spiders and your customers. When you use great page title this will also help to grab your visitor’s concentration. Make sure your page URL is also optimized like:

    17. Always write product description in your own words. Don’t copy paste the producer’s information. Peoples will love to see more detailed information.

    18. Use rich snippets to increase your CTR and rank up higher on search engine results page.

    19. Improve your internal structure data like schema.org. This helps to search bots for best crawling and indexing.

    20. Never leave website without updating. It is quite important to add or update your contents frequently.

    21. Using images also important but it also very essential to optimize your content images for search engines robots. Learn how to optimize images for search spiders.

    22. Through Robot.txt file make sure search engine bots can not access some sensitive elements on your e-commerce site. Like as: purchase information, customer’s wishlist, cart, account details etc. Remember, for your customer’s security reason this is very important.

    23. Consider your site’s page speed. Google now ranking websites through page speed also. Peoples don’t like to wait for page loading. This option should care deeply because it effects on your conversation rate more than your site ranking.

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    Linking Policy

    24. Use search engine friendly page URLs. Include product keywords on your URL’s.

    25. To select category URL’s prefer like below structure.

    26. When you have feature products make sure that link directly to your product landing page from your homepage.

    27. Use bread crumbs strategy to surf easily between your product page and category pages.

    what is web breadcrumbs

    28. Always use recommended and related products just below on your each single product page.

    29. Don’t create multiple product pages for different version of same products. Just include an option for switching color, version, size etc.

    30. Fix or remove your broken links that are no longer working. Check regularly your links to avoid 404 error.

    31. For interlinking use mixture anchor text with rich keywords. Research your competitors’ link building formulas.

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    Social Media Marketing and Activities

    32. Embed all major social media plugins in your all product pages.

    33. Create a business blog with your own sub-domain. Publish all major changes, promotion and news on your business blog. If you prefer you can create Facebook page instead of blog.

    34. Offer free things to your customers. People love to get free products. If you are a service provider then you can offer free trial for your services.

    35. Suddenly offer events or occasional sale-off or discounts to attract more buyers. You can use online and offline both way to promote.

    36. Don’t forget to run a successful email marketing campaign.

    37. Use Google AdWords to enhance your business and also to get targeted customers.

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    Off-Page Elements and Extras

    38. Improve your local marketing to get involved your local customers with your business. Use Social media networks for that.

    39. Improve your website’s backlink. You can hire a seo expert for link building.

    40. Offer various types of payment option. If you effort offer your local payment system also. For international shipping, make sure you have some different shipping options to almost all country.

    41. Make sure your e-commerce website is free from any malwares or viruses and trusted by all antivirus and security encryption.

    42. Monitor your business stats always. This is quite important and it is a big issue. So always keep tracking.


    Well these are the best and quick SEO tips for a e-commerce website. Always surf internet and tech news websites to get more latest updated information. When we get any changed updates we will publish them immediately. So, Stay Tune.
    Have a nice day buddies.


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