How To Manage Office And Children Together?

Nowadays almost every woman are doing official job even after marriage. It is easy to handle home and office works until a sweet baby comes. But after born a new baby sometimes it becomes very hard to manage the office, home and children together. You have to be strong mentally for managing everything till your baby grows up to an understandable age.

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managing home, child and office

We have shared here some tips on managing children and official works together. Just take a look…

1. From first time go with a plan. If possible, do some official work at advance. This will help to reduce work pressure for your colleagues when you are on pregnancy holiday. Inform them what works you have done? What works are pending to do.

2. Reduce your duty time by asking your boss/ in-charge or supervisor.

3. It is common to feel very bad for your little child while you are in office. But don’t feel that you are doing crime with you kids. Because your work is also important as your child.

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4. Try to live or bring some blood related family members. This will help to decrease your tension at least 40%. Beside this you will get a person to share and gossip.

5. Within your lots of busy time don’t forget to look out your child via mobile call.

talking with child from office

6. Divide home works with your husband. Feeding, Traveling, Careness, Cleaning of your baby is also works for father. Remember, your sweet baby is a part of you and your husband both. So, try to take care everything jointly.

7. After admission at school, go sometimes with your child in school. Introduce your child with teachers, new friends etc. Keep network with your child’s friends. Stay alert about behavior, education status of your kid.

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8. During your child growing try to understand him/ her about your work’s important. One day go office with your child and introduce him with your colleagues. This will make your child to respect your work.

woman with little baby in office

9. After coming from office, spend happy times with your lovely baby. Take care what he/ she loves.

10. At holiday, go outside to restaurant/ picnic or theme park. This will make your child’s heart wide and happy.

11. Never beat your child. If they done anything wrong; guide him, recognize him. At his/ her success, gift your kid. Give more impressions on your child’s favorite things.


New babies are our new generation, our bright future. If you guide them correctly on right way they will surely be a shiny person. Remember, within lots of busy time never let your child careless.

I hope your child grow up with right guidelines to a dazzling future. If you want to share anything regarding this post please comment below.
Stay happy and healthy friends. Allah Hafez.

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