Top 12+ Tips To Make Photos Good Looking

Sometimes we get surprised after looking gorgeous photos from internet or photographers gallery captured by famous photographers. After viewing, who don’t want to take photos like a professional photographer? It is true that professional photographers use some uncommon and expensive equipment, but as a pro photographer I would say, "Photography is totally depend on your thinking and activities."
In this post I will share how to take beautiful photos with having only basic skills.

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make beautiful photos

We need only four things…

a. A good functional camera.
b. Future imagination power.
c. Able to handle photography environment.
d. Enough Patience.

Let’s go to the tips…

1. We have pointed a functional camera first. To make your photos best you have to use a functional digital SLR camera. I know a SLR camera is expensive. But think; without a healthy mother how can you dream a healthy baby?
SLR camera allows you to change lenses, settings of matrix, ISO, white balance and lots more. These functions will help you to make your photos great. Remember, you will never get these amazing manual functions in a pocket or automatic cameras. So, first start your practice with Digital SLR camera.

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2. Try to capture each photo best as possible instead of pressing capture button frequently. Try to shoot one target with one press.

3. Many beginners have tremble problem. Try to get rid from this problem. This is a problem that will make your photos blurry and unclear. Only daily practice can help you to hold your camera confidently without any quaking.

blurry unclear photography

4. Photography is a clever skill. If you think it’s a best angel or timing, capture it. Don’t wait till manual arrangement. Sometimes it really works.

5. Analyze your taken photos. Is it bad? Is something missing? Why it is good? What will make this photo more beautiful etc.

6. Find for extraordinary views and subjects when you want to photograph one specific object. Analyze the brightness and color combinations and keep out unnecessary objects from your camera frame because sometime a simple thing can divert your photos to bad.

wrong photo shooting

7. In photography location first learn to observe everything. This is a secret of professional photographers. This will surely help to get interesting positions and locations for your subject.

8. Learn from faults. Always think, you are still a fresher and there are lots of things exist to learn more. View deeply senior pictures to earn experience.

9. Learn basic camera functions and photo types like: White balance, ISO, Macro, AF, Blur and sharpness, Flashing, Exposure, Focus modes, hdr photography, Portraiture, Fashion photography etc.

10. Don’t stop photography. Try to carry your camera almost every place and try to shoot different images form various locations. This will make you creative photography expert.

11. Understand the lighting. Lighting is a very important element for photography. Study about natural and indoor lighting differences in photography.

lighting photography

12. Always use proper shooting mode. Learn the proper using of aperture, shutter speed etc. Each function has their each purpose.

13. Never forget to carry an external flash with your camera. Nowadays all cameras have a build in flash. But you can not control your build in flash. So, for your best photo output in low lighting  area it is important to have a controllable flash light.


Remember, Photography is an art and the skill of creativity. Anyone can take photos and nowadays everyone is photographer with a tiny camera. But keep in mind, a pro photographer always think different and they are very curious. So, don’t be a photographer, be a professional photographer to get respect and earning six figure money.

Have Fun friends! Cheers!!!

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