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How To Get Backlinks From YouTube?

As you know backlinks are inbound links from others sites to your website and it plays an important part to increase your ranking on major search engine results. A quality and matured links pointing to your website is a strong vote for ranking up your website. YouTube is biggest video sharing website in the world and it can be a great source to get a powerful backlink pointing to your website directly. So let’s see some ways to get quality backlinks to your website for boosting your traffic.

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get backlinks from youtube

1. Always try to upload new videos that are really interesting and useful. After uploading include your website URL into the description or resource box. This will mark your website link as a backlink.
Remember, on YouTube, videos are the content and content is always the king. So upload new videos everyday.

2. Make your YouTube profile full complete. Enter your website’s address in the website section of your profile. I think this is mandatory.

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3. You can add your website URL in your video title along with your main video title.
For example: “The Amazing Spider-Man (”

4. Comment on most viewed or most discussed videos including your website URL as your signature.
For example: "your comment |"

5. On your blog embed youtube videos with proper embed code from youtube. Because habitually it shows the random website addresses linking to a exacting video. It helps to build new backlinks from Youtube.

Let us know your comments at below. Stay well and be healthy. Allah Hafez…
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