What Happens In An Internet Minute?

60 seconds...

It’s small but in online world it’s really big. Nowadays internet is a second globe and every second happen a lot of activities among internet users. Such as, Social media seems like a virtual city where almost everyone is connected and shares their life stream frequently. Amazon.com is a global marketplace where you can buy everything through your mouse click and YouTube is a largest video sharing website where users upload more than 300 hours of video clips within just one minute.

Isn't it a shocking information? Hold on! I am not done yet. Do you know, how is internet data generated in only 60 seconds?

what happens within one minute in internet world

Currently (2017) 3.8 billion peoples are using internet. This amount grew almost 24% from 2016.

What happens within one minute in internet world?

1. Google receives over 3.5 million search queries.

2. Facebook users login 900000 times.

3. YouTube users upload over 5320 minutes of new video clips.

4. YouTube users view over 4.1 million video clips.

5. Over 3.42000 apps download from play store and app store.

6. More than 990000 swipes in Tinder.

7. In Spotify 40000 hours listened.

8. Around 157 million E-mails send by users.

9. In Amazon echo 50 devices are shipped.

10. Online users spent $751522 in sales.

11. Twitter users send 452000 tweets.

12. More Than 120 new accounts created in LinkedIn.

13. WhatsApp users share more than 16 million text messages and images.

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14. Pinterest users pin over 9800 images.

15. Over 15000 gif animations sent via facebook messenger.

16. Instagram users share 46200 new photos.

17. In Netflix, 69500 hours video are watched.

18. 81 iPad and 925 iPhones are sold.

19. Skype users connect 1,897,000 minutes in total.

20. Over 2 million peoples watched porngraphy online.

Hey guys, isn’t it an incredible amount of online data generated by global 3.8 billion internet users? If you have something to say share it in below.

Have fun and stay well. Allah Hafez.

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