How To Be Safe From Stealing Online Information?

Its online world and everything seems to very easy. We pass our maximum time in online world for various reasons such as browsing, social networking, internet calling, Email, banking, shopping and many more. While using these services, we have to provide our sensitive personal information in internet and that’s the source where hackers get our information to do crime or theft something from us. So, it is necessary to be alert while sharing personal information over online.

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Here are 8 great points to follow to keep your personal information secure.
Let’s see them…

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1. Be Alert To Select Passwords

Never use same password for your computer, ATM card, internet banking and online transaction. Try to use different password for each category. And most essentially, never write down your passwords in your diary, laptop or smartphone. Otherwise it can be stolen.

2. Make Sure You Are Logged Out

When you use your friend’s computer or cyber café it is mandatory to make sure you are properly logged out from your account whether it is social account, email or any other. If you don’t do this, next user may use your account without entering any password. So be careful.

3. Use Google Alert Sevice

Go to and type your desire keyword in search box. You can see what the peoples are thinking about you or related to you.

4. Never Share Personal Information

Do not share your personal information with strangers. If your distance friend or office colleague wants to know some personal information such as permanent address, ZIP code, your baby’s school name or favorite thing, your banking information, online account, credit card company name etc then stay distance from giving these types of information. It can harm you.

5. Transaction Via Cash

If you want to buy something from online market choose "cash on delivery" option or use "cash payment".

6. Try To Use HTTPS Mode Server

Always use secured server while using facebook, twitter, Amazon, online transaction etc account. It is a verified secured seal to make sure that you are safe here.

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7. Remove History After Using Public PC

After working on cyber café remove all history and cookies from the browser. This will helps to keep you safe from stealing your personal information.

8. Don’t Install Unknown Software/ Games From Email Ads

You may see advertise in your email inbox about an attractive games or software asking to install. DON’T download or install this unless you are properly known about this. This can be a trap to robbery your personal data from your computer.


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Hope this post helps.

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