16 Reasons Why Google Adsense Is Best For Monetizing?

Every blogger and online business owner want to make money online fast. For blogging platform, making money by displaying contextual ads is most popular way. There are a lot of online advertising companies available and among them Google Adsense is best. Not only best, it’s superb. Adsense shows ads on your blog/ website and helps to make money online from advertising.

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Why google adsense best for making money

Let’s point out why google adsense is best for money making?

  1. Quick start.
  2. Easy to setup.
  3. Low requirements to apply.
  4. Largest ad network.
  5. Targeted ads for users.
  6. One account for all sites.
  7. Ads are responsive.
  8. Great support forum.
  9. Ads customizing tools.
  10. Great CTR.
  11. Advanced reporting system.
  12. Awesome payment methods.
  13. Pagelevel Ads Supported.
  14. Globally supported monetizing.
  15. No need to be so expert.
  16. Adsense approved means quality site.

1. Quick start

If you don't know how to make money online then adsense can be your first choice. So, If you just decide to make money online with adsense by showing content based advertisements then you can quick start just by signing up in Google Adsense or log in with your Gmail ID.

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2. Easy to setup

As far I know Google adsense setup process is very easy. There are only three steps to implement ad codes. Just make an ad unit, copy the ad code and paste the code into your HTML index file, widget or template file. That’s all to make money online from home.

3. Low requirements to apply

Applying to Adsense does not require too many terms and conditions. Such as: traffic limit, Site age, Domain Rank, Page Rank etc. You just have to have a blog with 10 – 15 original quality posts.

4. Largest ad network

Google Adsense is the largest contextual advertising company in the world and because of this you will see quality ads are showing on your blog.

5. Targeted ads for users

As for the largest ad network you will get nearly 100% targeted ads for your visitors. That means your visitors will see the ads what they actually wants to see as per their interest.

6. One account for all sites

Adsense monetizing supports apps, videos, software, articles, websites and blogs that comply with the AdSense ToS. All you need to have an only one approved adsense account to monetize everything.
Adsense is one stop place for monetizing through contextual ads.

7. Ads are responsive

Adsense supports responsive ads and allows you to control your ads according to the page size in any devices. It means you will earn from your ads from any devices where your blog is viewed. Adsense responsive ads performance are well enough from other ad companies.

8. Great support forum

As you know Adsense in the largest advertisement company and so they have lots of customers and contributors. They all perform in Adsense support forum and discuss about various facts about Adsense. If you have any problem regarding Adsense, you will find incalculable tutorials and supports from Adsense experts to keep your adsense account safe and to increase adsense revenue.

9. Ads customizing tools

Adsense ads customization tools allow you to customize your ad unit according to your blog design, color and font style. This will help to match your ads with your blog theme.

10. Great CTR

CTR means “Click Through Rate” CTR is the total percentage of your total ad impressions that led to click on your ads. It can also describe as the ratio between of total pageviews and the total ad click. Here Adsense has great CTR rate for their ads.
The CTR calculations are as follows:

  • CTR = Number of clicks / Number of impressions.
  • CTR % Rate = Number of clicks * 100 / Number of impressions.

11. Advanced reporting system

In Adsense dashboard, you can see advanced reporting stats of your ad activities. Generally they update reporting stats in every hour. You can also filter your reporting statistics according to your choice. You can also link adsense account with your analytics account to see detailed adsense reports in google analytics.

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12. Page Level ads support

Google Adsense supports Page level ads for mobile devices. This is a new and innovative way to show responsive ads on mobile devices. Currently two page-level ad formats are available. These are:

  • Anchor / Overlay ads.
  • Vignette ads.

13. Awesome payment methods

Adsense supports various types of payment form. All of them are very easy and secured. Depending on your location you can choose any one payout form. The available adsense payment options are as follows:

  • Checks.
  • Wire Transfer.
  • Western Union Quick Cash.
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).
  • EFT via Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA).

14. Globally supported monetizing

Adsense ads are approved worldwide. So it is no matter where are you and where from your visitors are coming. You all traffic will convert into your adsense revenue. Remember there are no boundaries in ways of make money online.

15. Adsense approved means quality site

Actually Adsense ToS are very hard and they are very strong to obey their rules. Getting an adsense account is not so easy still today. If your site approved by adsense team then put a smile on your face because adsense team only approve fresh, smart, quality and improved sites.

16. No need to be so expert

At last point, to run an Adsense account is not so hard. The new dashboard is so much user friendly and customizable. Expect some small do's and don'ts you don’t need to be a super expert person to maintain an adsense account.


Here I tried to find out most positive and advantages of Adsense. If you found something needs to correct or add regarding how to make money online, please don’t let it be. Just comment your words and I will make it visible for all. Stay tuned and be happy. Allah Hafez.

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