Why I Choose ShineMat For My Custom Domain Name?

Hey friends. Today I will share something about why I choose ShineMat.com as my blog domain name. Some of my very close friends usually ask me what is shinemat? what is the meaning of shinemat? why I choose shinemat?
Well, Its a golden history for me. Actually I started blogging just from my hobby and my earlier domain was "shinemark.blogspot.com"

Now lets jump to main points...

Why Saimoom Choose ShineMat.com For Blog

1. Main reason behind selecting SHINEMAT.com

First look at my name and my domain name pattern.

SaiMoom = ShineMark = ShineMat

Hope you all understand. Yes! You guess right. I selected my domain matching with my name. That time I had no idea about exact keyword match domains. That's the primary reason to select my domain.

2. Uniqueness and my own brand

If you select keyword based domains this will not show your domain name as your own brand name. So I selected an unique domain name that actually pointing my own brand. And I know making an own brand always preferable and delightful. Isn't it friends?

3. I found my domain availability

When I decided to buy custom domain name and I used domain name search tool, I found my domain name available. So, Its a great opportunity to select an unique and keywordless domain name to get its availability for domain name registration.

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5 Reasons to select Shinemat.com domain

4. No SEO competition

I found no seo competition against to my domain name and this opportunity helps me to go forward in my seo ranking factors easily. Beside this, Still now I am growing well with my own brand name in search engine results page.

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5. Username availability on social media

After selecting my domain name and went to various social media registration, I found most of my social media username/ links available. It also shows my uniqueness in social media profiles and pages too..

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That's all I can point out today. If I found some more interesting facts about my domain selecting issue I will add the words.

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Hope you liked my post. Kindly share and comment. Stay well and Allah hafez.


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