10 Free Online Image Compression Tools

Google always try to show best results in their search results as per visitor's searching keyword. And they follow this on their image search engine too. Now page loading speed is a primary considerable fact for ranking on Google. One of the smart solution to reduce site loading time is compressing all images of your blog or website using online image compression tools. It also saves your bandwidth and improves site performance. If you are looking for best image compression software or online free image compression tools then you are in right place. Just go ahead...

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How to reduce image size for free

List of free online image compression tools

1. Compressnow

Key Features:
● Totally free online image optimization tool.
● Supports percentage level to compress image size.
● Supports jpeg, gif, png formats
● Supports online uploading.
● Compression level option.
● Drag and drop upload feature.
● Allow Maximum 10 images uploading at once.
● Price: FREE
● URL: http://compressnow.com/

2. TinyPNG

Key Features:
● Trusted by thousands of companies.
● Supports jpeg, png formats.
● Supports drag and drop option.
● Online uploading feature.
● Maximum 20 images uploading at once.
● Price: FREE
● URL: https://tinypng.com/

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3. Convert Image

Key Features:
● Highly recommended for jpeg file compressor.
● Customizable image size reducer from level 1 to 100.
● Supports converting from jpeg to BMP, GIF, ICO, PCX, PDF, PNG, PSD, TIFF formats.
● Improved user interface.
● Price: FREE
● URL: http://www.convertimage.net/optimize/compress-a-picture-in-jpg-online.asp

4. Compressor.io

Key Features:
● Modern and user friendly interface.
● Supports export features from Dropbox and Google drive.
● Shows total compression percentage.
● Supports jpeg, png, gif, and svg.
● Price: FREE
● URL: https://compressor.io/

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5. PNGGauntlet

Key Features:
● Windows, Mac and Linux OS supported.
● Image quality will remain same.
● Supports jpeg, gif, bmp, png and gif.
● Converts files into png formats.
● Price: FREE
● URL: https://pnggauntlet.com/

6. Shrink Pictures

Key Features:
● Compression level supported.
● Online uploading feature.
● Resize and image dimension option.
● Special effect option.
● Supports rotation, rename, format and watermark options.
● Price: FREE
● URL: http://www.shrinkpictures.com/

7. JPEG Optimizer

Key Features:
● Best online image compression tools for optimizing and resizing images.
● Supports jpeg, png and gif formats.
● Supports compression level from 0 to 99.
● Supports online uploading.
● Price: FREE
● URL: http://jpeg-optimizer.com/

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8. Shrink O'Matic

Key Features:
● Owned by Adobe air application.
● Image Resize option.
● Supports jpeg, png and gif formats.
● Supports rotation, rename, format and watermark options.
● Price: FREE
● URL: http://toki-woki.net/p/Shrink-O-Matic/

9. Optimizilla

Key Features:
● Maximum upload 20 images at a time.
● Single, together or ZIP download option.
● Quality reduction control on a scale.
● Real time preview.
● Price: FREE
● URL: http://optimizilla.com/

10. RIOT

Key Features:
● RIOT (Radical Image Optimization Tool).
● Desktop version only.
● Real time compare interface.
● Supports jpeg, png, gif formats.
● Automatic image optimization for web and lightweight.
● Price: FREE
● URL: http://luci.criosweb.ro/riot/


I have tried to cover out the most used free online image compression tools to optimize your web images. The above sites are top image compressor online. If you wish to learn how to compress images using photoshop just go to youtube and search with your keyword.

Now it’s your turn to say us which one would you like to use?
Please share and comment below. Allah Hafez.

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