A Complete List Of Google Adsense Supported Languages

Hey bloggers, today I am going to share with you all a simple but somehow very important topic for new Adsense applicants. It’s about Google Adsense supported languages. If you write articles on your blog with unsupported Adsense language then you cannot apply for Adsense. Actually, your application will be rejected every time you apply for Adsense.

So, before you start your blogging and applying to Adsense make sure your articles language are supported by Adsense.

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Google Adsense Supported Languages

Well, in this post we will share a complete list of Google Adsense supported languages. If you really want to make money from Adsense simply start writing your posts with one of the following language as your primary content language.

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The Google Adsense Supported Languages are:

  1. English
  2. Bengali
  3. Hindi
  4. Chinese (simplified and traditional)
  5. Indonesian
  6. Italian
  7. Arabic
  8. Greek
  9. Spanish
  10. Bulgarian
  11. Russian
  12. Slovak
  13. Romanian
  14. Hebrew
  15. Urdu
  16. Hungarian
  17. Serbian
  18. Croatian
  19. Slovenian
  20. Czech
  21. Malay
  22. Filipino
  23. Danish
  24. Japanese
  25. Swedish
  26. Dutch
  27. Korean
  28. Thai
  29. Portuguese
  30. Latvian
  31. Turkish
  32. Estonian
  33. Lithuanian
  34. Ukrainian
  35. German
  36. Vietnamese
  37. Finnish
  38. Norwegian
  39. French
  40. Polish

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You will be asked for primary language during your Adsense application process. Once your application will be approved, Adsense will start serving appropriate ads according to your selected language.

Note that, these Google Adsense supported languages are only support for ad serving on your blog or website. You will not get any help forum and Adsense user interface on these languages. ONLY English language will be used for additional uses.

Hope this post helps a little bit. If you have any question, please share with us anytime by comment below. Stay well and Allah Hafez.

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