Best Parental Control And Monitoring App for Android Devices

There is no doubt about that the internet is interesting, entertaining and as well as the horrible place to visit. The dangers of the online world can be harmful to young kids and teens. By using the monitoring app on Android cell phone device you may safeguard your kids and teens from the evil side of the cyber space, but on the other hand young kids and teens don’t use only phones, tablets, and mobile devices. They use computer laptops and plenty of other devices in order to use the internet for browsing, downloading instant messaging apps, chatting, texting, media sharing, and many others alike. All of these activities seem very simple and ordinary but in reality, it can create plenty of terrible issues for young youth.

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Parental Control And Monitoring App for Android

There is no need to be hopeless, Parental control apps are available in order to remove all of your worries which you are facing at the moment. You just need to choose the greatest parental control and monitoring software to track the Android devices which your kids and teens are using all day long. Therefore, the smartphone surveillance app would be the best option to spy on any kind of Android device. Following is the best parental control software which has state of the art features which enable parents to view all activities their kids and teens have done on their android phone device.

Record surroundings sounds and videos of your kids and teens:

When parents come to know some terrible thing about their kids and teens and they require an additional eye on them. Then just need to use the Bug their phone of parenting and spy software. It will allow the user to make short videos from 15 seconds to 1 minute through spyvidcam. It also empowers the user to record surroundings sounds through MIC bug from 1 minute to 45 minutes. Parents can even track the location of their child by using camera bug, to capture photos in order to track the exact location having an emergency.

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View logs of IM’s:

In the modern world, the instant messaging apps are very popular among young teens and kids. Therefore, there will be possible chances your kids may get trapped by cyber bullies, stalkers, pedophilias and to other evil activities. Parents just have to use the IM’s Social Media of the parental control app to view all IM’s logs, voice messages, IM’s chat and media sharing.

Make a check on browsing history:

The best part of parenting is to monitor the browsing data of your kids and teens. You can make a check on all visited websites and apps and you can view all bookmarked websites. The only thing you need to view all of this is to install the parenting software and then use view browsing history.

View all keystrokes applied on android device:

The modern Android phones are secured with the help of passwords, therefore parents can view all the keystrokes applied on the target Android phone. Through keylogger of the monitoring app, you will be able to view password keystrokes, messenger keystrokes, SMS keystrokes and even email and view Gmail keystrokes.

Remotely control the android device of kids and teens:

Parents don’t have time most of the time to do surveillance physically; therefore they can remotely control the target device with the help of Android parenting software. It allows users to remotely control SMS command, block incoming calls remotely, block text messaging remotely and even parents can block the access of the internet on the target device.


TheOneSpy cell phone spy software can be used as the parental control and monitoring app for Android devices. It would be the greatest app for parents in order to protect their kids and teens from all nightmares which they are facing at the moment.

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