Get Cinematic Inspiration With Visionary Photographers

There are several ways to inspire your audience or to evoke a certain emotion. Filmmakers use a combination of different elements like music, dialogue, movement, etc. and if everything is used in the right way, they succeed. However, photographers have only one tool element, and that is the image they create.

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Photography for cinematic inspiration

Truth be told, the image can be edited by the photographer or by image editing services, and you can bolster the impact it has on its audience, but if you are to be successful, you must capture a perfect moment, from a perfect angle. So here we will give you some good examples where photographers have managed to create incredible photos, and hopefully, these images will inspire your next photo session.

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Victor Habchy

Photography for cinematic inspiration

Photo by: Victor Habchy

Victor Habchy is a director from Paris, but he is also a photographer who is renowned for his photo set of Burning Man. Just to clarify, Burning Man is an event that celebrates surreal art style, and Victor Habchy captures these events with Dali-esque composition. If you have ever encountered a photo that reminded you of the latest Mad Max film, there is a strong possibility it was Habchy’s work.

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Liam Wong

Photography for cinematic inspiration

Photo by: Liam Wong

Liam Wong is an art director that a lot of gamers might know since he works for Ubisoft. He began his photography career during early 2016, and yet he has already impressed a lot of people on Instagram. His vibrant style and his prior fame had a lot of impact on the positive feedback from his followers. If you were to go over his cityscape photography, it would remind you of neon noir films – a good example would be Blade Runner.

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Brice Portolano

Photography for cinematic inspiration

Photo by: Brice Portolano

Brice Portolano is another French photographer from Paris, and he started to get noticed at a fairly young age. By the time he was in his mid-twenties, he had already collected a clientele that looks amazing on his portfolio.

If there is one thing that will be instantly apparent by observing Brice's work is that he is able to adapt to the position of the Sun and make the best of it. Even some of his simplest work features outstanding cinematic quality. So, make sure you go over his images because you'll be able to draw a lot of inspiration from them.

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Steffen Egly

Photography for cinematic inspiration

Photo by: Steffen Egly

If you need inspiration for outdoor landscape photography, you can learn from the German photographer Steffen Egly. Even though his portfolio primarily consists of mountain landscapes, the way he tackles this photography makes him stand out from the crowd. Also, if he is good enough for brands like Adidas, he will certainly be able to serve as an inspiration.

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Emmanuel Lubezki

Photography for cinematic inspiration

Photo by: Emmanuel Lubezki
Lastly, we come to one of the most popular cinematographers of our time, Emmanuel Lubezki. Emmanuel is also an incredible photographer, and his landscape photography can be easily spotted in classic works of cinema.

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These are some of the most inspiring photographers of our time, so make sure you do even more in-depth research of their portfolio. You can certainly learn a lot from these professionals, and if you want to become a good photographer or filmmaker, it would be wise to follow in their footsteps.

Creating high-quality photography nowadays is really hard, since a lot of people use different filters and high definition cameras, so you need something that can give you a competitive edge and unique style in order to stand out. You can learn a lot simply by observing your peers and asking yourself what you can do differently.

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