4 Great Wedding Trends That Will Stick Around Forever

Getting engaged is a cause for celebration; there’s not a feeling more ecstatic than that. You are crazy happy, you can’t stop smiling, and everything you can think about is spending the rest of your lives together. However, when that initial rush of happiness passes, you will start thinking about organizing the wedding, which can cause a couple of hiccups in your happiness.

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2017 wedding trends decor

The options in front of you are limitless - which is the core of the problem. Couples who are getting married today come up with the wildest and the craziest ideas and manage to make them a reality. The list of wedding trends is changing quite fast and getting seriously extensive, so it is difficult to make up your mind and decide what you want. Naturally, you want your wedding to have a note of elegance which is why you should focus on evergreen wedding trends.

Gentle Color Palette In Wedding Trends

A significant number of weddings occurring nowadays can be described as tacky. And, you seriously can’t blame a couple in love when it’s so simple to get carried away. Once you get into the world of wedding video editing companies, you’ll be overwhelmed with the options in front of you and you will find yourself in a situation where you like two contradictory things and can’t make up your mind as to which one to introduce to your wedding day.

In order to avoid this problem, you should select a color palette that’s gentle; select 2018 wedding color trends which will serve as an accent and two shades of the same color which will be the background.

New Wedding Trends for 2017

A Glorious Wedding Trends Cake

When you get to the part which is about selecting your menu, I am sure that caterers will suggest modern options such as wedding muffins for example or some new wedding reception trends. Although they do look adorable and they are incredibly tasty, a wedding isn't a wedding without a cake and a unique wedding cake toppers. Not one person can refuse a delicious piece of this heavenly dessert, and everyone will feel a positive sensation when they see a glorious wedding cake. If you wish you can search online for beautiful wedding cake toppers and unique wedding cake designs for more wedding ideas.

Outdoor Wedding Themes

Although it’s a risky move, there’s nothing more beautiful than an outdoor wedding. And I am sure you know what I am talking about when I say risky; the weather is unpredictable, there can be unwanted guests who are usually flying and buzzing around (annoying insects), and you can fall into a lake while having your portrait taken.

However, organizing a wedding outdoors will be more than pleasant for you and everyone on your guest list. Imagine a colorful sunset, a light breeze, and wonderful sparkly lights around you - what more can you ask for? Obviously, your wedding video will look like it’s taken in a land from a fairy tale.

Wedding Ceremony Under Candle Light

2017 wedding trends colors

Speaking of more - and this is a step further - you should consider candles if you want to organize a wedding plan that's in accordance with wedding trends which can never die. There's not a thing that can contribute to creating a romantic atmosphere than candles, and you should definitely find a way to make them part of your interior.


You really can't make a mistake with the wedding trends suggestion we listed above. However, do make sure to have fun with every part of your wedding favors and personalize it so that it reflects your partner and you as a couple. In the end, it's your big delightful day, and you should do whatever makes you really very happy from heart.

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