Where Should Point Backlinks : Homepage Or Post URL?

We have published lots of posts about backlinks in this blog. Today’s post is asked by one of my follower in Quora website. Actually it’s a very good question and most people face this question while creating backlinks for their blog.

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So, the question is: where should you point your backlinks? Is it your homepage URL or your individual post URLs?

The answer is, it’s totally up to you.


Homepage URL backlinks will increase your root domain authority. And
Page URL backlinks will increase your blog’s individual page authority and rise visibility on search engine result pages.

So, the simple direction is,

If you want to increase your blog’s domain authority then start creating backlinks pointing to your homepage URL OR to increase your overall blog visibility on SERP then make backlinks with your different blog post URLs.

Details of Homepage Vs. Inner Page URL Backlink Building.

1. Building link pointing to your Homepage will surely increase DA and also distribute link juice on your whole inner pages as well.

2. Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) both score starts from 0 to 100. Average 20 DA and PA score consider as GOOD.

3. Creating backlinks on these sections equally will be standard and preferable for search engines.

4. While you create backlinks make sure you are using proper keywords both for Homepage and inner page.

5. Whether your backlinks are Homepage or inner page link always try to get backlinks from high PR sites and blogs.

6. DA and PA will not increase if you create your links dead. So, make sure your links are not wrong and live online.

7. Homepage URL don’t make your readers interested to read your post all time but a post landing page can encourage to read posts on your blog.

8. To create backlinks for Homepage use: Directory submission, High PR profile creation, get links from donation sites, press release, footer links etc.
To create backlinks for inner/ post pages use: Guest posting, Sponsored posting, blog commenting, Forum posing, asking and answering questions on QaA sites, social bookmarking, web 2.0, etc.

9. There isn’t a perfect ratio, but balancing is important.
For example: you should build backlinks 40 to homepage and 60 to inner page URL out of 100 backlinks.

10. While creating backlinks make sure you are not spamming and not using any automatic backlink creation software or any types of SEO tools. Try to make manually.

That’s all for discussing on pointing backlink URLs. I hope you are now clear where you should point your backlinks for different purpose. If you have any questions in your mind feel free to ask me anytime.


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