Top 05 Best and Free Desktop Blog Editors

One of the easiest solution to keep blog post updating directly from the desktop is using blog editor software. Desktop blog editors have some unique and certain features that you should taste it. It also prevents blogger’s attention from social networking sites or any types of TING TONG notifications from the browser which is very important to write an evergreen blog post.

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The main aim of this post is how to make writing process easy and hassle-free. We always use our blogging dashboard to write and publish posts. Well, it is pretty good but there are a lot of advantages on desktop blog editors.

Top Five Desktop Blog Editors List.

In this post, ShineMat comes with a list of top free desktop blog editors that you can use both online and offline.

1. Open Live Writer

Open Live Writer just like Microsoft word and also known as Windows Live Writer. It is a lightweight and very popular desktop blogging application for adding and managing blog posts directly from the desktop. You can add images, videos and other multimedia files to your blog and it supports Blogger, WordPress offline editor, TypePad, Dashblog, and others. This is the best blogger app for pc and blog writing apps for windows on almost all platform.

2. CreaWriter

CreaWriter is a Windows-based operating system program for blog post editor. It supports full-screen mode and allows some unique features like background image change, Transparency, Status bar and some more. Together all of these unique features will let you more creative, productive and concentrate.

3. Thingamablog

Thingamablog is an open source free offline blog app. If you want to publish blog post effortless, you can use it. Thingamablog allows multiple blog maintenance, offline writing, single click publish, Save entries as drafts and much more. It also supports spell checker while writing.

4. BlogDesk

BlogDesk is a simple and easy user interface-able blog editor allows you to publish new posts from the desktop. BlogDesk supports multiple blogging platforms expect blogger. As a blogger user, I was really surprised to see that. Anyways, BlogDesk also supports 15+ languages, auto spell checker, Technorati tags, pinger etc.

5. BlogJet 3

BlogJet 3 is an advanced level Windows-based blog WYSIWYG Editor. So, you don’t need to know too much HTML codes. You can easily do manage, edit, post new entries and write in offline mode. It supports major blogging platforms like Google Blogger editor, Wordpress, TypePad Drupal and more. Some of the unique features of BlogJet-3 are Spell Checker, Word Counter, Smileys, YouTube, Auto Drafts, Post Management, best feed reader and Searching and many more.


Hope this post helps about blogging tools for windows. I always try to come with all new things to you. You will get lots of desktop blog editors on the internet but I personally checked most of them does not work perfectly. The all above free blog publishing software is tested and can be download easily. If you will get any tiny trouble just knock me on Facebook or comment below. Before you leave please share this post with your friends. Stay well and happy. Allah Hafez.

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