An Interview Question : Why We Should Hire You For The Job?

Been to an interview? Bombed it ever?

Few cast themselves as a deity, who just fell from the heavens and have all the due attributes to fit in the position which will help the company save their world.

Hello! I am Zeus and here to save the company from crashing down, I am here because you need me to do this job!

No that’s not how it works in the real-world job market. You are not here because they (employers) need you, rather it’s you who need this job and for that, you would have to sell yourself!


Interview Questions, tips and tricks

People looking for jobs generally hate the question "why should we hire you" because it is something socially awkward to start off with one’s own appraisal in a job interview.

Candidates often mistake an interview as a way of re-opening their resumes or CV’s and furthermore going into greater details on the same mentioned points. You need to keep in mind that an employer has gone through your resume and cover letter and the reason for you being in front of him/her is your qualifications in your CV. And now that you are right there, they require you to go more than that about yourself. Bring in something that the recruiter does not know.

But the worst of all answers is actually praising yourself, saying I am smart, I am dedicated and I deserve the job. Only when you are able to perform differently than the crowd, the hiring manager would be able to remember you of all.

All interviews tend to gather as much information as they can in order to make the right hiring decision. And you should be well-equipped with the answers to spot right on time for these kinds of questions.

  • What will you bring to the company?
  • Why do you consider yourself the best candidate for this post?
  • Why should we hire you?

Even if you are not asked directly, you must know that the employer will ask either of these questions indirectly. So, you need to have an answer prepared and should be looking for ways to convince the employer to the top of your reasons and potentials to hire you.

The person sitting in the recruitment process to hire you knows that he is supposed to choose the best person for the vacancy available. That is because hiring a wrong person can risk his or her own career too while risking the reputation of the company too. The boss at the interview might otherwise get a BACK TAP, for hiring the best resource for the business.

Almost all the candidates who get to the point of THAT question, are qualified enough for the job, but what they need to get appointed is to be more than just qualified. And if the appointed person shows poor performance, doesn’t show their interest, later on, the employer looks like a fool for his entire job career.

Job hiring wallpaper

You ought to sell him/her that you are able to stand out from the crowd, you have all the necessary skillset to make a perfect work environment, can deliver exceptional work and most of all make the employer look smart.

Therefore, the employer will seek a person being able to sell himself/herself for him to make the job easier.

Here the trick is to identify the question behind employer’s question. And the solution is to clearly address that hidden question with your response.

You need to understand that recruitment process is an art more than just memorizing a pre-set rules of the script. Because the rules here are not unanimous but are meant to be different for each one of the candidates.

So, the question, "why should we hire you?" should cater to your mutual benefits and the outcome of hiring you for the vacancy applied for.

One way may include a certain manner to answer such questions is implying that it’s a great question. Giving an impression that the employer does have an edge for having you since you exactly own the relevant skills for what the employer requires you and that over time you will work towards learning the company.

As mentioned earlier that you need to find the question within his question; that suggests once you know the requirement from the employer, you may provide a solution to his problem in an answer to this very question or explain your solution-oriented approach at the previous job.

But here lies a twist, no matter how similar the job description might be from your previous job, almost all jobs carry along a little difference. Here you would need high analytical skills that might help you judge right at the spot, the environment, and business requirements. And thus, you will be able to mold the answer accordingly. Position yourself as likable and personable, both through your conduct in the interview and in response to the situational questions.

However, the best way to enter an interview is by having a mix of zeal, curiosity, and excitement. If the interviewer is unable to see that amount of flexibility in you rather if they find you awkward, stiff, anxious or even confused, even the coolest employer might consider you a trouble for himself and the team.

The pro here is to take this interview as an opportunity to converse with the employer, this is not just meant for you to answer, but you may also get to ask him/her on their company-related issues and in return you can come up with a feasible solution if required which will make you look confident and enthusiastic about the company’s future along with your own.

The problem occurs with people who are not used to the selling of themselves, but when that awkward silence forming question arrives you are bound to appear so appealing that they cannot imagine hiring anybody apart from you.

All in all, you need to learn the skills of a salesperson here. Point out the weak points of your customers (employers) and come up with a product (answer/solution) to their problem that they can’t resist buying what you sell (services).

Make the expensive purchase worth it; you need to know the needs of that particular business and once you have all these tricks, your ways are open!

You need to provide the company with the pain relief, and you will become their family doctor.

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