How To Read Facebook Messages Without The Sender Knowing

In our daily life, we all use Facebook messenger for various purpose. The messenger communication starts from our root level of personal life to official.

One of the interesting features of the messenger is when someone message you and when the receiver read it, the sender can understand that the message seen by the receiver. But sometimes it can be disturbed when you don’t want to reply to the sender after reading the message.

how to read messenger message without sender knowing

You may know that the Messenger doesn’t give any option for the seen/ unseen issue.
So, how can you do that? Well, you are going to find the solution from the post.

Before jump to the tricks, take a look at all status signs of a messenger message after sending to others.

messenger message all status signs

Here you will find the top five ways how to read someones facebook messages without them knowing.

01. Check On Your Notification Screen

Facebook messenger shows a quick pop up notification just after someone sends you a message and stick in your notification panel. You can see the message without actually opening the messenger app. This is a very smart trick to read Facebook messages without seen in Android or iPhone also.

02. Put Your Phone In Airplane Mode

When you got several messages from someone and you don’t want to reply but want to read the messages that you have received already then this method works for you best. Simply close all app from the background. Now turn on airplane mode in your mobile device and also make sure your Wi-Fi network also turned off. Then, open your messenger app, read the messages. After reading, close the messenger app completely (from background also) and turn off the airplane mode or turn on any Wi-Fi connection if you have.
The sender won’t see the seen notification on the messages.

03. Enable The Email notification For Messages

This technique is pretty much smart. Just enable your Facebook message notification to your email address and all messages preview will go to your inbox.
To enable this go to Settings → Notifications → Email address → Turn on the message notifications.

04. Chrome Extension: Unseen for Facebook

This a desktop Google Chrome browser app that disables the “seen at xx:xx” feature from your Facebook messenger so that your friends who messaged you won’t see the seen notification even after you read the messages. This is how to, read facebook messages without seen chrome.

  • Add “UnSeen for Facebook” extension to your Chrome browser. This is also available for Firefox and Opera browser.

05. Firefox Extension: Message Seen Disable for Facebook

Just like Google Chrome browser app, this extension is for Mozilla Firefox which also disables the seen feature automatically for your Facebook account. So, after reading someone’s messages the sender won’t understand that you actually read the messages.

Note: By applying the above tricks you can read everything that is previously loaded on your messenger without knowing the other person who sends you messages. But make sure after reading the messages you have closed all apps from the background before turning on your data connection or Wi-Fi. If you don’t do that, the sender will see the seen receipt immediately.

Hope this post helps about how to read facebook messages without showing seen tick. Stay tuned for more tech related tricks. Stay well and smiled. Allah Hafez.

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