How To View Cyclone Sitrang's LIVE Location And Track On Mobile?

Due to the impact of the strong Cyclone Sitrang, it is raining heavily in all parts of Bangladesh. The wind speed is constantly increasing with the rain. The Bangladesh Meteorological Department estimates that Cyclone Sitrang may make a direct hit late tonight. Strong Cyclone Sitrang is expected to cause a tidal surge of 5 to 8 feet along the coast of the Bay of Bengal.

Currently, load shedding has increased in Bangladesh due to this cyclone.
The updated information on this Sitrang Cyclone is a hot topic in all of Bangladesh.

Cyclonic Storm Sitrang LIVE Tracker and Forecast

In today's post, we will tell you how even if there is no electricity, you can get the latest information about Cyclone Sitrang on your mobile phone and warn your relatives as well.

WINDY is the world's most popular and trusted mobile app for all weather information and forecast. These apps are available for free on Android and iOS operating systems. Apart from mobile apps, the website also provides all weather-related information. To get information from the website, visit the website using the Google Chrome browser on a mobile or laptop. provides easy access to Cyclone Sitrang's location and potential track in the form of high-quality satellite images and maps.

Zoom Earth

Zoom.Earth is the most popular app in the world to know all the weather forecasts of the world including Cyclone Sitrang. Zoom Earth is free to use via browser or apps. Zoom Earth receives images from satellites that can give a better idea of a storm's path. Having the facility to zoom in on their satellite images gives a better idea of Cyclone Sitrang's track.

Bangladesh Meteorological Department

The location of Cyclone Sitrang and its track can be seen online directly on the Bangladesh Meteorological Department website. ( They provide weather forecasts and warnings especially for Bangladesh as well as guidance on where and what to do during storms. With all the constant updates on Cyclone Sitrang, people living in coastal areas can easily know the various aspects of what to do and when. The Bangladesh Meteorological Department is cooperating with information on the current track of Cyclone Sitrang and its possible track using radar images.

Bangladesh Meteorological Department has no official mobile apps. So their services have to be used directly with Google Chrome browser.

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