How To Convert RAW Photos To JPEG Format With MacBook?

RAW files are not as popular as JPEG files. So you may have trouble customizing them. But if you are a MAC operating system user then you can Easily convert RAW image files to JPEG files.

At present time, the RAW format is not only limited to professional cameras but even mid-range smartphones can now take pictures in RAW format.

Images in RAW format are much sharper and full of details. As a result, they are not accessible across all devices. However, if you want to access it, you have to use separate software. Because of this, JPEG is the best and most popular image format for viewing and editing.

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Converting RAW files to JPEG with Windows operating systems requires separate software. But the good news for you if you are a MAC user. Because with MAC operating system you can convert images from RAW to JPEG format without any third-party software.

Briefly know, What are RAW format files and why do they need to be converted to JPEG format?

RAW format is compressed and detailed data information that a camera sensor captures. Since RAW file images contain a lot of detailed pixel information, these files offer some advanced features for processing and editing.

There are many photographers who shoot in RAW format to get more detailed pixel information in the image.

But to view and customize this image in RAW format, separate software is required. which is not required in normal JPEG format images.

Generally speaking, RAW format images are not as easy to view and open as JPEG format images can be viewed and opened with one click.

Since RAW format files carry a lot of detailed information, they are much larger in size than normal JPEG images. The most popular software for opening and customizing RAW format images is Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

If you are a MAC user then you can convert from RAW format to JPEG format without any separate software. Because MAC operating system has built-in apps for previewing RAW format files.

How To Convert RAW Images To JPEG On Mac?

  1. First, select your RAW files with Finder on MAC operating system.
  2. Then select the RAW files and click the right mouse button and select Open With ➤ Preview.
  3. When it opens in Preview you can make any minor edits.
  4. Then press Command+A to select all the RAW files you have opened.
  5. Then click on File ➤ Export Selected Images.
  6. Now select where you want to Save the selected files in JPG format.

⦿ If converting a single RAW file, a pop-up window will appear asking you where and at what quality you want to save the RAW files to JPEG. Select the other options as required and click on the Save button.

⦿ This pop-up window will not appear when converting multiple RAW files to JPEG format at once.

⦿ When saving images, you can save them in other image file formats besides JPEG. Eg: JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP.

⦿ If you want to do advanced-level photo editing then you must use one of the premium third-party tools. For example Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom software.

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