Know About The Fastest Shoes In The World : Moonwalkers

Recently, an American robotics company called Shift Robotics has developed a special type of shoe. They are claiming that it is the fastest shoe in the world. Because, if you put these shoes on your feet, your walking speed will increase by about 250 percent.

Moonwalkers: The World's Fastest Walking Shoes

Shift Robotics named this special shoe Moonwalkers Shoes

Moonwalkers Shoes are no ordinary shoes. Because it is managed by the artificial intelligence system and some robotic algorithms. The shoe has a 300-watt electric motor. Initially, the idea of making these shoes came from a researcher at Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania, USA. The design of this shoe is similar to that of skating shoes, which are basically what we call wheel shoes.

The company Shift Robotics announced the launch of this digital shoe a week ago on its official website. The CEO of the company said that Moonwalkers Shoes are not skating shoes at all but it is real digital shoes that we claim as the fastest shoe in the world. These shoes don't have to be forced on the feet like skating shoes. Because this shoe will be able to walk with you with the help of motor force. Skating shoes require training, but with Moonwalkers shoes, you don't have to learn how to skate.

These Moonwalkers Shoes of Shift Robotics company are not yet on the market. However, on behalf of the company, they said that this digital shoe will be available in the US gadget market very soon. Initially, the price of a pair of Moonwalkers shoes is estimated to be around 1399 US dollars, which is equivalent to 1 lakh 42000 thousand in Bangladeshi taka.

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