10+ Tips To Go From Relaxed Hair To Natural Hair

Relaxed hair can give you beautiful straight and silky hair for up to seven to nine weeks or more. However, transitioning from relaxed long hair to natural and normal hair is really quite difficult.

Natural Hair Vs. Relaxed hair

These problems can include strange curls, split ends, hair fall and constant hair breakage. But don't lose hope, because your hair has a way to recover from these problems. Getting your hair back to its natural beauty is truly a beautiful moment and a great way to make yourself more attractive.

So let's take a look at the tips to follow to...

Transition From Relaxed Hair To Natural And Normal Hair

1. Keep your hair hydrated. Use regular shampoo, conditioner, hair oil etc. to keep your hair hydrated. And don't forget to drink more pure water. Remember, something from inside the body works much better than something from outside.

2. Use a separate deep conditioner in addition to shampoo daily. Do not mix shampoo and conditioner.

3. Do not hit the hair in any way. Avoid even using a hair dryer to dry your hair.

4. In the first tip we talked about keeping hair hydrated. In this case, keep your hair hydrated but always limit washing your hair.

5. Massage good company oil into your hair and scalp regularly. You can use hair oil like coconut, olive, avocado.

6. Some vitamins and supplements can be used to keep the hair good and natural. For example: Biotin or Viviscal, vitamin D and A, Protein and omega-3 fatty and saw palmetto supplement can be taken.

7. Avoid adding any kind of chemicals to your hair.

8. Straightening hair will never make it grow naturally. So cut the lower part of your hair regularly as the hair grows.

9. Cover the new hair as much as possible. For this you can wear a hat or hijab on your head.

10. You can tie your hair as much as possible.

11. The more you touch and style your hair, the more likely it is to break and lose its shape. So try not to brush your hair too often. And, avoid styles that put pressure on your scalp. If you brush your hair, start from the bottom and use a comb (not a brush) that will be smooth for you.

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