What To Do To Keep Your Children Disease-Free In Winter?

It's Winter now. And during this period, the prevalence of some diseases increases to a large extent. The winter period is more dangerous for children and the elderly than for middle-aged people. During this time, cold-related diseases and similar problems are more common. For example cold cough, shortness of breath, asthma, temporary fever, cold, in some cases allergy, etc.

Tips to Keep Your Children Healthy this Winter

Due to the presence of dust in the air in winter compared to other seasons, people of all ages can have problems like allergies or breathing problems. If these problems are not detected at the right time, many times these cold-related problems can turn into pneumonia. Which can lead to great danger later. A lot of people get tonsil enlargement and pain all over the head.

More pressing among these problems of winter is the increase in mosquito-borne diseases like malaria, filaria, dengue, etc. Normally, dengue is a mosquito-borne disease during monsoons, but this time its outbreak is also seen in winter. So be careful about all kinds of mosquito bites. If necessary, use a mosquito net whenever you use the bed.

All these winter diseases can sometimes cause high fever with chills. Also, if symptoms such as fever, joint pain, etc. appear repeatedly, consult a doctor without delay. Also, children of any age can have sudden diarrhea due to coldness.

The things that should be taken care of to...

Keep Children Free From Diseases During The Winter.

01. Until the cold of winter is over, you should practice bathing or washing your hands and face in lukewarm water without using cold water directly. Do not use cold water directly on the body. It will have the opposite effect.

02. During winter, children aged 1 day to 8 years should always wear warm clothes and socks on their hands and feet. Cover your ears with a hat if possible in the cold weather.

03. During these winters, we all get dry skin. This may cause itching or mild pain in the body. Sometimes it can be due to skin allergies. So use regular lotion, olive oil, coconut oil, or glycerin after bathing. And always drink an adequate amount of warm water throughout the winter. This will keep your body's skin normal and moist.

04. Those who are allergic to dust, should consult a medical doctor immediately if this kind of itching problem appears on their body.

05. Do not tolerate the cold in the body. Cold air should be avoided as much as possible. Cold foods like ice cream, cold drinks, etc. should be avoided during this time.

06. In point number 03 of this post we said to drink more water. I reminded you again and again that this matter is very important. Many people neglect to drink water during winter. Drink plenty of water without neglecting it. Drink warm water if necessary. If children don't want to drink water directly, they can make juice, lemon juice, or a milkshake with water.

07. In addition, eat all the foods that contain high amounts of vitamin C regularly and give them to children. For example, olives, malta, oranges, lemons, guavas, etc. should be eaten in large quantities. Children should consume the juice of these fruits. Remember, these foods act as an antidote for children. So, try to feed more Immune-Boosting Food and natural fruit drinks.

08. A variety of fresh vegetables is available in the market during winter. If your child is more than 2 years old, then you must feed him these vegetables, if the child shows reluctance to eat, then cook it differently and give it to your child with different tastes.

09. Small children often do not want to put separate warm clothes on their bodies or take them off. They have to get used to these things. If you can't keep your child in warm clothes, you can use a room heater. It will keep your room temperature normal in winter.

10. Avoid giving children outside food. For example, chips, chocolates, artificial juices, etc. Also, be careful not to eat street or outside-cooked food. For example, you need to be careful while eating food like Fuchka, Pitha, Chicken, Samucha, Burgers,s, etc. Try to cook any food at home. This will ensure the nutritional value and freshness of the food.

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