Now One WhatsApp Account Can Be Used On Multiple Devices

Nowadays most people use multiple devices. So keeping this in mind, WhatsApp has recently introduced the facility of using a single account on multiple devices. From now on, this popular messaging service can be used on phones, laptops, and desktop computers. A WhatsApp user can use an account with up to four linked devices and one phone at a time.

WhatsApp Multiple Device Feature

Now a WhatsApp account can be used on mobiles as well as tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. The WhatsApp company has updated the WhatsApp software for Tablet PC to provide this new special facility to customers.

Initially, some beta versions of WhatsApp allow users to test the features of the updated app. By installing the updated WhatsApp application, the tablet computer can be used as the primary device. As a result, the WhatsApp account information of the computer set as the primary device can be seen and used by other devices connected as secondary devices.

WhatsApp also shows a special notification about this feature while downloading the updated version of WhatsApp for tablet computers from the Google Play Store. The notification shows, "WhatsApp has an Android tablet version. Basically, the WhatsApp for tablet version has been released to test the beta version."

All private messages, media, and calls exchanged on WhatsApp are end-to-end encrypted, making it impossible for your data to be stolen. This benefit will also be applicable in the case of users on multiple devices.

It should be noted that the same WhatsApp account can be used on up to four laptops and desktop computers in addition to mobile phones using the multi-device feature of WhatsApp. However, many people face many problems due to not having the opportunity to use WhatsApp from the same WhatsApp account on a phone and tablet computer. This issue will be resolved when the updated version of WhatsApp is released for tablet computers.

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