Why Is The Color Of Army Cars And Clothes Green?

Military vehicles are usually dark green in color so that their vehicles can easily blend into the foliage and forest background and thus hide themselves easily from various enemy attacks. Because the Green color makes Army difficult to identify. Almost all armies of the world started using this trick and called the color Olive Green.

Since retaining "Tradition" has a great significance in the army, no one has changed it much. Needless to say, not all military vehicles are green. In some cases, their vehicles use different colors. But most of the vehicles are painted dark green. Some are camouflaged as green.

Why are Army uniforms green?

The Army Combat Dress is a dull dark green olive color with some other similar color variations within this color.

Some military vehicles are painted in tan camouflage because those military vehicles operate in deserts like Saudi Arabia. Their color is usually sandy.

The type and color of army uniforms could be possible reasons for this:

✔ In case of war, the army members can easily hide themselves in the bushes with the enemy side. This makes it difficult for the enemy to locate the army personnel.

✔ If soldiers' clothing gets dirty on the battlefield, it will be less visible to the enemy.

➜ Army officers have separate Ceremonial and Dinner uniforms.

➜ US Army officers wear light olive-colored uniforms on official occasions.

➜ Army aviation pilots wear light gray uniforms while flying.

➜ Also in winter, soldiers wear dark olive blazers, camouflage jackets, and dark olive woolen sweaters.

In general, they are required to wear different types of clothing in different situations while on duty. Almost all car and clothing colors have some resemblance to green.

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