Why This Year's FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Is The "BEST" World Cup?

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 started with various criticisms and apprehensions. Before the start of this football world cup, many had announced the boycott of this huge event. However, this year's football world cup is moving forward, leaving behind all fears.

After the group stage full of many surprises, the last sixteen have also been quite crowded. According to FIFA World Cup president Gianni Infantino, this year's group stages are the best ever. He said, at the end of the day, their main objective is to bring smiles to the faces of football lovers around the world.

FIFA president Gianni Infantino's smiling face has often been seen on TV during the games since the start of this year's World Cup. He was sitting alone enjoying all the games to his heart's content, this was his regular scene.

Why is this year's FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 the best World Cup

Talking about his different experience with this year's FIFA World Cup in Qatar, Infantino said, "I have seen all the matches of this World Cup. In my opinion, quite simply and frankly, this was the best group stage of a football World Cup ever. As a result of these exciting games, the games in the rest of the FIFA World Cup are also looking very promising.

While appreciating all the football fans present in Qatar, the FIFA president added, "We all know that great games have been played in eight beautiful stadiums built by Qatar. Apart from this, the people who were present here were also quite wonderful. An average of 51,000 spectators attend these stadiums in Qatar and enjoy the game.

Not only in the beautiful stadium or the streets of Doha, the capital of Qatar, but also on television and the Internet, the number of spectators enjoying football has set a record, said the FIFA president. The number broke records on television worldwide. We have got more than 200 million visitors from all over the world, which is really amazing, in one word incredible! About 2.5 million people lined the streets of Doha and millions of spectators flocked to the stadium every day to watch the games. They all cheered in unison and are supporting their team wholeheartedly.

This year's Qatar Football World Cup has seen one amazing game after another. Countries like Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Argentina, Brazil, Japan, Tunisia, and Morocco have all shown amazing sports. There is no opportunity to look down on these countries on any football stage, including the World Cup. Muslim country Morocco beat former world champions Spain to reach the last eight.

Gianni Infantino said about the great surprises of this year's World Cup, "There is no such thing as a big team or a small team in this interesting football World Cup." The values of almost all teams were very close. This is the first time that national teams from all continents have survived the knockout stage. Seeing these, it is easy to understand that football is now a truly global and everyone's favorite game.

Referring to all these achievements and milestones just to bring smiles to people's faces, Infantino said, 'We sincerely hope that this FIFA World Cup 2022 will continue as it has started. I am sure that in the next football world cup we will reach the milestone of around 5 billion viewers worldwide. And talking about the games inside the stadium this year, literally, all the tickets for the matches have been sold out. Until the end of the game, we want to bring joy to all football lovers around the world and smiles of excitement to their faces. Football is the joy of the people of the world and that is why the FIFA World Cup.

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