WhatsApp Targeted By Malware For Data Theft. Learn More...

Various organizations have discovered that the GravityRat malware is secretly infiltrating users' smartphones through messaging apps created by different institutions and stealing all sensitive user information stored on WhatsApp. The collected information is regularly sent to cybercriminals, thanks to this harmful malware capable of transmitting data to them.

WhatsApp Data Leaked Image

Lucas Stefanco, a cybersecurity researcher at the Institute of Security and Technology (ISET), has found this damaging malware and its ability to locate and send the gathered information to cybercriminals.

The GravityRat malware, designed for Android operating system users, can store messages, photos, and videos in the WhatsApp account backup option. As a result, when this malware-infected app is present, all the information stored in the WhatsApp backup option becomes accessible to cybercriminals.

Since the information in the WhatsApp backup option is not encrypted, cybercriminals can obtain all the user's data. Not only that, but they can also delete any information remotely and covertly, even from a distance.

According to Lucas Stefanco, the security researcher at ISET, the GravityRat malware is spreading through messaging apps like BongChat and Chatiko on phones. Before deploying the malware-infected apps to steal WhatsApp data, they gain permission to access and store various device components on users' phones.

Security experts advise being cautious about using messaging apps from various organizations to protect oneself from cyber attacks. Moreover, they recommend promptly deleting or completely uninstalling BongChat and Chatiko apps from smartphones if they are present.

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