WhatsApp Is Developing Usernames and Screen Sharing Options

WhatsApp is currently in the development phase of introducing Usernames and Screen Sharing as new features. These updates aim to enhance the user experience and provide additional functionality within the WhatsApp messaging platform.

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is currently in the process of implementing several exciting features, such as usernames and screen sharing.

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In the recent beta version for Android, a new username feature was discovered. This functionality enables WhatsApp users to choose a distinctive username that is linked to their account. Users might be able to find and connect with one another just by using their usernames and thanks to this functionality rather than just their phone numbers. Moreover, conversations initiated through usernames will benefit from end-to-end encryption, as confirmed by WABetaInfo.

Beta testers using version of the WhatsApp Android app have recently spotted an additional feature: Screen Sharing. With this functionality, users can now initiate screen sharing during video calls by simply tapping the designated button. After confirming the feature, the contents of their screen become visible to the other participants on WhatsApp. Notably, screenshots suggest that the feature also includes the ability to record the shared portion of the call.

Some beta testers are fortunate to receive additional features, one of which is the "Status Archive" setting. This setting specifically caters to businesses, enabling them to archive their statuses after the standard 24-hour period and reshare them at a later time. As noted by WABetaInfo, the status archive feature appears to be currently limited to businesses, serving as a useful tool for managing and reutilizing statuses in a more efficient manner.

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