Parineeti Chopra Joins Personal Care Brand "Clensta" As An Investor

In an exciting move that marks her foray into entrepreneurship, Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra has recently made a strategic investment in Clensta, a renowned personal care brand. With this investment, Parineeti has acquired a significant minority stake in the company, signaling her belief in Clensta's mission and potential.

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Clensta is a science-backed personal care brand that seamlessly integrates nature with technology, revolutionizing the health and personal care industry. The brand's selection of sustainable items demonstrates its dedication to affordability and innovation. By providing consumers with clean, effective, and sustainable solutions, Clensta aims to enhance their well-being while minimizing their carbon footprint.

Product categories served by Clensta's wide selection of goods include wellness, haircare, skincare, eye care, lip care, and body care. By combining cutting-edge science with eco-friendly formulations, Clensta offers consumers a unique blend of high-quality personal care products.

Parineeti Chopra expressed her enthusiasm for joining forces with Clensta, stating, "I am thrilled to announce a personal investment I've made in Clensta. I'm very excited to be a part of Clensta. Apart from revolutionizing the personal care space in India with its innovative and sustainable range of products, Clensta is a brand that stands for attributes I personally endorse of being environmentally conscious, ethical, and sustainable."

Parineeti first discovered Clensta on the internet, where she came across their Eggstreme shampoo and conditioner. Impressed by the products' performance, she delved deeper into the brand's offerings and was amazed by everything Clensta had to offer. The opportunity to be part of their evolution motivated her to invest in the company. Parineeti views this partnership as a chance to help build a brand that will endure for years to come due to its focus on quality products and its commitment to ethical and conscious practices.

As a firm advocate for responsible environmental practices, Parineeti is delighted that Clensta's range of products fulfills its promise of providing consumers with a better way. By aligning herself with the brand, she can contribute to the mission of creating sustainable and effective personal care solutions.

Puneet Gupta, the Founder of Clensta, expressed his excitement about Parineeti joining the team as a partner and investor. He emphasized her passion for environmental causes and her drive for innovation, making her an ideal fit for Clensta. He also highlighted Parineeti's understanding of the company's long-term vision to create sustainable, affordable, and effective personal care solutions for global customers. With Parineeti's support, Clensta aims to reach new heights and continue its commitment to providing the best products.

Clensta's dedication to innovation and growth has attracted notable debt and equity investors, including TradeCred, the Royal family from UAE, Ex-Im Bank of India, Mumbai Angels, Keiretsu, LetsVenture, O2 VC Fund, and others. Institutions like IIT Delhi, Caspian Impact, and US-AID have also been associated with Clensta in the past.

Clensta's proprietary technologies, STAR (Safe Transdermal Absorption of the Reactive Ingredients Technology) and CRAN (Complete Release of Active Nutrients), are developed at IIT Delhi. These technologies ensure the effective and safe transdermal absorption of reactive ingredients and the seamless assimilation of vital nutrients for healthy hair, skin, and overall body wellness.

With Parineeti Chopra's investment and involvement, Clensta is poised to achieve even greater success in its mission to provide sustainable and innovative personal care solutions. The partnership between Parineeti and Clensta exemplifies the growing trend of celebrities aligning themselves with ethical and conscious brands, further driving the movement towards a greener and more sustainable future.

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